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 ABOUT  - This privately operated public website - which is not owned by, or associated with Samuel Smiths Old Brewery - was created in 2007, in the absence of then, an official Samuel Smiths Brewery website. This website is primarily a forum used for open discussion regarding matters relating to Samuel Smiths Brewery staff, management, and customers, venues, and other associated topics.

Whilst the owners and administrators of this site, and most likely the majority of the members, fully support the brewery and it's produce - a changing company régime - seems to have created a number of problems for employees and customers alike. 

It would appear that the brewery discourage any form of inter-communication, and have banned all venues from having websites. Many individuals have felt isolated, and unsure of their legal rights. Customers have felt frustrated, by not being listened to. Many of the breweries recent corporate decisions, appear to be having an adverse effect on the breweries business on a whole, and many have questioned the motives behind such changes. These include, but are not limited to; the removal of all brewery identification from the exterior of their pubs and vehicles, and the outright banning of music and singing.

 SUPPORT  - This website aims to provide support through a number of information resources - and the ability for individuals to share their concerns and idea's. Positive, constructive input is welcomed from all.

 JOIN  - You need to be a member, to post at this site. This is so that we can guard against any spammers and scammers, and uphold our usage policy. Joining is quick and easy, and your identity is protected  at all times. Your email address is never visible to anyone else. You can join here. Being a member of this website means that you can also receive automatic updates regarding new posts, and have access to instantly report any other posts that may be of some concern.

Other benefits of joining this website include; being able to find your nearest Sam's pub, wherever you travel, and discuss and share your thoughts on your favorite brews or eateries. It is believed that from time to time, brewery officials review the content of this site, which would suggest the opportunity to publicly submit any constructive suggestions which you feel would benefit all.

 POST  - In addition to joining in existing forum debates, you can start your own topic. First select an appropriate section from the forums home page, now click on 'NEW TOPIC' which can be found on the top-right of the 'subjects' list. Simple!

 CONTACT  - Communication is at the heart of this website. If you see a post which you feel is inappropriate - such as breaching our Acceptable Usage Policy, then use the 'Report to moderator' link, (which can be found at the bottom-right of each post) to alert us. If you would like to contact us anonymously, then you can do so here. If you would like to email the website admin directly, then please email:

 PRESS & MEDIA  - can contact the website owners here:

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