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I came across this beermat in a job lot,I have no idea how old it is and don't know when it was a freehouse or when SS acquired it?,any info much appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Tadcaster Flood Progress
« on: Aug 17 - 2017 »
This is a plan of samuel smiths proposed development in Tadcaster from before the flood,(yet to be granted permission),i suspect most if not all of the houses would also have been flooded!.

General Discussion / Old bottle labels
« on: Jul 24 - 2017 »
Some old bottle labels from years ago I forgot I had,maybe of interest.

I mentioned this a few years ago but didnt have the video,it shows Ridgewood winning the St Leger in 1949.Ridgewood was owned by mr smiths father Geoffrey,the article is from an article from the Harrogate Advertiser mentioning him buying drinks for everyone!.May be that the pub in Doncaster was named after the horse?.

General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« on: Jun 16 - 2017 »
No wonder forum is quiet

I could scan and post the list if it would be of interest?.

General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« on: Jun 15 - 2017 »
Another pic of the tank lorry and one more larger lorry.

There are 236 pubs on the list but none from south of stamford,guess southern had their own office/area managers ? and maybe more tenanted houses then run by Tad office?.

I was given a list from January 2000 of sam smiths managed houses,it lists all the area managers and their pubs.Managers were;
Mr F O'brien
Mrs L Burley
Mr C.E Brown
Mr M Thompson
Mr I Daffern
Mr C Elgenia
Mrs H Carline
Mr D Moore
Mr I Creighton
Mr S McRae
Mr M Maher

What a shame they are not still about,(with the possible exception of FOB!).The list also has the pub number,presumably for accounts etc,lowest is Angel and white horse,(301),and highest Golden Lion,Loftus,(696).The list also has the name of the pub manager,not many still there I suspect!.

Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Unknown !
« on: May 26 - 2017 »
I found this picture a while ago and all it says is steam engine in town centre and that's it!.No idea where it is but there is clearly a SAMs pub in the background with the Taddy Ales sign.The shop is called Parvins but other than that no clue,any ideas?.

St Cuthberts Inn
Station Rd

Opened as Samuel smiths:unknown
Closed as Samuel smiths:unknown

Found this one recently,apparently named after a nearby well and monastery.It was a freehouse when it closed in 1997 and is now a private house.

General Discussion / Admiral Hawke review
« on: May 15 - 2017 »
A recent review of the "new" Admiral Hawke with pictures,interesting wallpaper in the gents!

Two items from early 1980s CAMRA mags.jj

Some nice pictures of the Keys through the ages,pictures courtesy of Stillingfleet Gazette.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« on: Apr 28 - 2017 »
I am told that managers had to sign and return a form to the brewery saying they have read and understood the memo and will enforce company policy.I wonder how long before a manager is disciplined/dismissed for not enforcing company policy?.