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General Discussion / Welcome Winter Ale 2016
« on: Nov 3 - 2016 »
Just wondered if any other member(s) have seen the new bottles as they seem to be late out this year. Then today I see some,the managers said that they were only delivered yesterday. But they did say that they had to ask Humphrey personally to stock them in their pub,seems an odd way to sell them.

Anybody else seen them. 

General Discussion / White Swan,Tadcaster
« on: Sep 8 - 2016 »
Just wondered if any members knew what was happening with the White Swan in Tadcaster ? Woolers were there as well as many other buildings in Bridge Street. They seem to be stripping it out and with skips outside the back,but other work is been carried out on other buildings in the same street.

Heard a rumours it was going to be flats ,but thought I would ask on here as well ?

General Discussion / Tadcaster Airport
« on: Sep 8 - 2016 »
Just come across this and wonder what other members think,but more importantly I guess what Humphrey will say. Planes flying over Tadcaster and more noise,but expensive for a flight.

Here's a couple of articles.

General Discussion / New Food Menu 2016
« on: Aug 9 - 2016 »
Looks like a new menu has been arriving in a few SS pubs over the last week or so. Seems to be quite a few pies, 5 to be precise. One pie uses the Taddy Porter,which sounds interesting.The pies do look quite nice, the few of them I have seen. A much smaller selection than the previous menu though, which I guess is easier for the managers and storage.

Will have to go and try a few things on it and report back,also need to get hold of a new menu as well.  :SRD

I am assuming that the new menu will roll out throughout the empire, as when the pubs sell the old menu first. Some may take a while though  :WF

General Discussion / More bad News
« on: Aug 7 - 2016 »
Another article about crime in a SS pub,not good publicity for the brewery or the pub.

Hope things get back to normal soon and some good news comes through

General Discussion / Euro 2016
« on: Jun 16 - 2016 »
How many customers of SS pubs have noticed a drop in trade since the Euro football matches started. Been in a few over the week and weekend and they are full before the matches and then dead whilst the games are on.Bet Humphrey is choking on his cornflakes over the takings of his pubs over the last week,plus another 2 weeks to go.  :() :()

Lets hope that the Olympics has a similar effect on the pubs in August.Plus Wimbledon is also on at the end of June,and early July,so may be empty then.  :GIVEB: :GIVEB: :HJH :HJH

General Discussion / Sainsbury's Supermarket
« on: Jan 5 - 2016 »
I have heard that the Sainsbury's in Tadcaster has been flooded, obviously as it sits so close to the river. Does any other member(s) know when it is suppose to reopen ?

Just come across this interesting court case involving Samuel Smith Southern & gratuity.I know the SS pubs in the North with a card machine charge a 1.58% card fee.But didn't realise that the George & Vulcan charged a 12% fee  :HJH

Thought this may be of interest to members. 

General Discussion / Tadcaster Through Time
« on: Jul 28 - 2015 »
Just come across this article in the York Press and thought that some members on here might be interested in it. Some interesting photos for BB, and the book is also for sale

General Discussion / Member Karma
« on: Jul 22 - 2015 »
Can say/explain about this new option on members profiles  ? And does anybody have a karma score yet ? Either negative or positive.

I assume the web master and or DB are aware of this, or they have added the option.

Cheers  :WF :WF

General Discussion / Gambling Machines
« on: Apr 1 - 2015 »
Has any other member(s) seen a rapid decline in the presence of gambling machines in their local SS pubs(s) ? I know at least 8 that have theres taken out recently. Is this a new cost saving for SS, as I know the license(s) are expensive. Especially when many aren't taking large amounts of money

General Discussion / RAF Church Fenton
« on: Jan 15 - 2015 »
Looks like another large chunk of land near Tadcaster has been sold to someone other than Humphrey. Did he not facny an old air strip to land his private jet on.  :() :()

Are the coffers at Taddy Towers running low on money or has he lost interest in buying everything around the Tadcaster area.

At the least the company taking it over is creating a 100 new jobs for the area.

General Discussion / Anyone Seen This Lately
« on: Jul 10 - 2013 »
Not seen one of these for years and came across one. Anyone else got another one, as they must be pretty rare nowadays ?

Anyone also know the rough value if any. But it's not for sale  :WF

General Discussion / Free Taster's
« on: Jun 30 - 2013 »
Anybody else seen a newish sign stating that SS pubs can no longer give away samples or taster's to customers. Only seen this in one SS pub so far, but shall check others as and when I get to them. Is this a new ploy to achieve the 5% surplus, by an easier route than just giving large heads.

Was intending on taking a photo but was a little tricky.  :WF Also not wanting to get the manager in trouble either.

General Discussion / Fruit Liquor
« on: Jun 9 - 2013 »
Anyone else seen the new Pimms equivalent in their local SS pub. Going to be a 1721 Fruit Liquor to be sold in glass form and also pitchers. Not sure of the price yet ? But the poster has gone up in the few SS pubs this weekend.

But the managers have to buy the cucumbers & Strawberry's to go into them, more expense. How many ladies go into SS pubs to test it

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