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:GIVEB:Thankyou for adding me to your Forum.After a few trips up to Yorkshire this summer we have visited a number of Sam Smiths pubs and we have become rather fond of the Alpine Lager for the wife and the Sovereign Ale for myself . We are trying to find if there any Sam Smiths pubs around the South Nottingham area ? The Sam Smiths website has been removed is there a up to date map on the forum ? as i noticed a few pubs were missing on the map that i do know exist.

There is an Android app called "where's Sam Smith", available from google play FOC. I don't know how up to date it is but seems to work quite well. There is also a James Gretton (I apologise for misspelling if I have?) map which is very similar to the app.

The cask OBB in here last week was pretty bad. Vinegary. I wasn't sure whether to drink it or pour it on my chips.

Badly kept or too old or both.

OBB is the best pint ever when it's right, and also the worst when it's not.

Once they get into the downward spiral, sour beer, so less folk drink it. I can see keg on the horizon.


I get the feeling it had been sitting there a while. Hardly anybody in there. Real shame as I had high hopes.

Best cask I've had in London is at the Swiss Cottage.

Last time we were there (18 months or so) we didn't get a great pint of OBB cask anywhere. Although it was ok at the Lyceum Tav, Princess Louise and Cittie of York. Terrible at Blue Posts and Angel at St Giles.

The landlord at the Bricklayers arms was considering putting it in but don't know if he has. He would look after it if he did I bet.

I've said for a long time, cask OBB is the best pint ever, and also the worst.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: 5%
« on: Aug 3 - 2017 »
Not heard of this!
I think 5% is about right, the width of a pencil.  I like a head on me pint.

Worst pint of OBB Cask I have ever had.

Really?? God, a couple or three years back it was among the best in London. I made a special trip to see, and it was. It needs to turn over quickly does cask. Only at it's best for around 48 hours.

ECBD  You know Harvey he lives next door to Alice He's a show jumper well known for sticking his two fingers up in public, never in a SS pub though.


Harvey? Who the ****'s Harvey?

I'm sure the glasshouse stores had cask last time I was in could be wrong though not sure if the white horse around the corner does  :BL

It did last time I was there although it was crap.

Angel at St Giles has cask too.  So does  Princess Louise and Cittie Of York both at Holborn.

I can only speak for me but as a motorcyclist of 37 years plus and someone who enjoys four pints seven days a week and a fan of Sam Smith's pub's and products have already turned my back on Sam Smiths until this issue is resolved. On a visit to York we bypassed all the Sam Smith's pub's and went to Wetherspoons. So that's money out of Sam Smith's pocket into Tim Martin's. I hope all other motorcyclists do the same, this type of discrimination went out in the seventy's.

With all due respect to you - I doubt they will miss the money, turnover or whatever.

How do they know you use a bike if you park it round the corner, or if you decide to go in a car cos it's raining, can you go in? Or is it a clothing issue? I don't have a bike but I have a Belstaff jacket so would I be banned? Or if you are 95 years old and use a Honda 50 to get about on, are you still banned? Also, is this a nation wide ban?

So many questions - sorry

Anyways, who can blame you for voting with your feet?

Your news.. / Re: Hump retiring?
« on: Jul 19 - 2017 »
I heard an interesting snippet from a reasonably informed source yesterday, that as young Sam takes on more responsibilities, HS is being pushed to retire by the trustees of the trusts that hold the shares allocated to him and Oliver Smith. If true, and it's so different from all the usual reasons so it may well be, it could herald a new era for the company. Here's hoping anyway.

Hmm, better the devil you know!

It's said that young Sam is a chip off the old block, but who knows what the future holds.

It's quite simple. It's my train set so I'll do as I like.

In this day and age of nearly 5 pints I wonder why more non SS pubs and social/sporting clubs don't sell the likes of Taddy's and Best Bitter etc ? as if I was a struggling pub/club I be stocking the bar with a lot of the SS products.

To be fair, where we live pretty much every club sell Sam Smiths beers. Cullercoats, Tynemouth, all of the Shields clubs. The rep is very active.
Good, I wish it were the same where we are! I think Taddy may be in one club but not sure.

As above,, after a good and likely expensive, refurb, cask sales have disappointed and it has been removed yet again. Shame. The place does seem quiet and most other patrons seem to drink lager etc. Therefor, not surprising. A pity as I missed it when removed a few years ago and was delighted to see it reappear.
 Good while it lasted, tho'. :S*

Use it or loose it!

I meant lot of pubs and bars have lagers like Moretti for 4.70 and real ale can be 3.20-3.60 in my area.

I couldn't agree more with you. Perhaps there is less profit in Sam's drought products.

The day I spend 5.00 on a pint is the day I start to drink at home. I don't even think it's worth 2.00 no mater what or who's brew it is! Beer makes petrol look cheap and we all moan about that don't we?