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I don't think it's up to me to say on here yet.   I'll be surprise if two of our more active members don't know of at least one each.     I'll be popping into one at the weekend to say my goodbyes to one couple of manager's who leave in the coming weeks.  Will not be posting any more updates for at least six weeks because I will not be around to do so.

This week three more have handed in there notice,  been told that there is now 39 pubs wanting managers.

Your news.. / Re: Retirement
« on: Sep 13 - 2017 »
Long time lurker , first time poster.

I've been looking for this thread for a few weeks now. The rumour seems to be snow balling but no one I have spoken to can confirm it. I have tried to probe a few people within SSOB for more gossip but keep hitting a brick wall. Some repeat the rumour whilst most have just said "We haven't been told anything official." And then changed the subject.

I hear that he has been ordered to wrap up his business and hand the company over by Oct 1st. By whom, I do not know. No confidence due to mental stability has been repeatedly reported as the reason. Add in the fact that Samuel has been seen getting more and more involved with the day to day running of the business, and his replacement as Area Manager for the South so he can work from Tadcaster, and you have the basis for a good rumour.

Of course, all this has been said before and I'll only believe it when it happens. It does make sense - but since when did anything that made sense actually happen in the world of Mr Smith?

I too have tried probing a few SS managers that have worked for Sam's for many years and even they don't know yes or no. Even one that speaks to Linda Stuart often too. I am assuming the new area manager for the south is still at the brewery,had a dodgy start apparently. So Sam has moved back to the brewery and trying to run the company with his uncle.

Yes your last comment is about right for SS  :() :() :() :() :()

"So Sam has moved back to the brewery and trying to run the company with his uncle. "

I posted this,36359.msg60535.html#msg60535  last year.

Your news.. / Re: Retirement
« on: Sep 13 - 2017 »
Didn't what to be the first to post on this, now I'll say what I've heard about it.   Yes Humphrey been told he can no longer be in charge and I believe he out within weeks.   But he told the board that instead he will take a job of an area manager.

Again I don't know how true this is.


There is a sign in all Sams pubs, which states they will happily top-up if the customer doesn't think it is a full pint.

Re the sign,  the sign dose not say that you can ask for a full pint.  It states that they will top up to 95%.  Re lager, in most Sam Smiths pubs, your lucky to get 85% to 90%.   Pleased I drink OBB.


My local pub is The Bath Hotel in Halifax road Dewsbury. It has recently closed and I was wondering when it is likely to reopen?


Ref: 230817/1520

How recently is recently?    I was in there maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago and it had just reopened.  The last manger got the sack because of people swearing.     Are you saying it's closed again?

See photo. 

Went in here this week and did not hear any swearing, looks like the no swearing policy just might be working.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: 5%
« on: Aug 4 - 2017 »
Wind them up buy two halfs instead of a pint if they give you a short measure. The thickness of a pencil on two halfs is less than that of a pint due to the smaller glass. Better still ask for two halfs and a empty pint glass, it might get you thrown out but hay lots of pubs out there willing to take your money off you.

I think Chutney got his maths a little wrong.  If you drink halves instead of pints because of the 5% you will lose out by around 4 cubic cm's per half.

That's if I've got my math's right  $$*

Cricketers today.   see photo.

While in Leeds today I made a visit to the Eagle, what a surprise I got.   We stayed for a meal and it was typical  pub food, was happy at the price we paid.  A vast difference to my last visit a few years ago when a customer asked me what I was doing in "his pub"

General Discussion / Humphrey bans regulars
« on: Jul 21 - 2017 »
I heard about this a couple of weeks ago but did not post it because it's a little far fetched.   I've been told the same story in two Samuel Smith's pub that are 70 miles apart, so maybe there is some truth in it.

Humphrey walked into a pub and while talking to the manager in the bar he turned round and pointed at 3 groups of drinkers telling the manager not to serve them and to ban then from the pub.  The manager told Humphrey that the groups where his regulars, it made no difference and the manager had to ban them.

I'll leave it up to you whether  too believe it or not.

I wonder if the bikers boycott will last longer then the Gay's boycott about the John Snow or the Catholic's boycott about the Winsor Castle.   :()

Been told today that a couple of weeks ago Humphrey walked into the Bath House in Dewsbury and heard someone swearing. He closed the pub and sacked the manager on the spot.

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