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They have some lovely pubs.
Don't sell the house
Don't go off on a tangent - do exactly as instructed
Work hard
Work harder
Pay isn't fantastic
Watch your stocks like a hawk
Work a even harder

True, there are plenty of horror stories, some true perhaps, some exaggerated. It's a management position, salaried, so don't go thinking about hours and pay, it will do your head in.
If you still fancy it and there are plenty out there that have been employed for years don't mention the experience.
Good luck

Totally agree with ECBD. I know several managers that have worked for SS for many years. True to say that I know lots of former managers that are still bitter about their treatment by the brewery. Again these managers were on the old contracts and so could fight their cases.

Still seems to be a lot of pubs up for grabs though.

General Discussion / Re: Taddy Bridge
« on: Mar 20 - 2017 »
Saw a photo on the NY Council website and was shocked :HJH to see that the bridge, was flooded one again.Or Looks like a high level to me,any member(s) know what is happening.

Sorry lost the photo.  :WF

Agree with the points already cover.

I went into a few SS pubs today and the prices had gone up for some products interesting enough.

OBB 2.00
Sovereign 2.04
Taddy 2.30
Double Four 2.08

Wine 175ml 3.78,sorry didn't bother with the others.

Any other SS pubs prices gone up this week ? My local one probably hasn't as it had a stock take recently/

There is not really much more to know other than what you can find out for yourself through this site or press releases.
The man himself has no influence on the people in Tadcaster whatsoever, land or law. People do however obsess over him because of his eccentric nature and strange actions relating to his small brewery and pub network.
The majority of tadcaster people have jobs / careers outside of Tadcaster - (Leeds - York ect) and have no affiliation or connection to the brerwery other than a chance visit to a sams pub.
I think people find his character fascinating and some enjoy spinning yarns about him and the brewery. He means the same as joe blogs to me, I couldn't care less.

The guys is not god, nor does he own Tadcaster like some people make out. He owns a few shops, pubs and some agricultural land.

How very true.

Yesterday was the first time I'd been near the Angel for at least 2 weeks and found that it was closed.  The outside sign was lit so the electricity can't have been disconnected. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything.

Sorry not been to London recently so can't tell you.Maybe another member(s) could answer your question.  :WF

Any member(s) know if this pub is reopening again ? As it was shut when I was in Tadcaster the other day.

Judging by the number vacancies still,is it a shortage of managers or reliefs at the moment. I know there are quite a few pubs either shut or having a refurbishment.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps
« on: Feb 21 - 2017 »
A manager said that he knew where they were from in this thread going back to 2015 where you seemed to think the same then! :),10228.msg56834.html#msg56834

You have a good memory.  Yes I did, However I then went off on the Benson's theory! But I know am back to the Kolak idea.....
It seems very quiet round here these days?

Not that good a memory on this occasion, just found it as I was Googling.  It is very quiet - maybe not much in the way of ructions from HS or general brewery news.

Probably true,but I am sure there is news around the empire,but no member(s) have been to that particular pub.

Here is the link,interesting at not getting past the 2 year mark  :WF

General Discussion / Re: Taddy Bridge
« on: Feb 16 - 2017 »
Sorry to bring up old news, but why did Samuel Smith's Brewery object to the widening of Tadcaster's bridge? From what I can tell, and do do correct me if I'm wrong, the reason the brewery refused to allow the footbridge on their land was because they WANTED the actual bridge to be widened? Isn't this all a bit hypocritical?

Spoken like a true journalist. It looks like GeorgeB's article will be fair & unbiased  :()

How true.  :GIVEB:

The Blackies is now doing a great Sunday lunch. Was in on Sunday just gone and the food looked fantastic and plentiful. Good menu and not expensive. OBB was on absolutely top form. Cant wait to go back in.  :DD :DD

Glad to hear that there is some good news around the empire,as in parts it seems doom & gloom again.

Lets hope that they are still there on your next visit.  :WF

Been past the other day and it looks like this pub is getting a makeover. Scaffolding outside and a few builders there too. Anybody know when it is due to reopen ?

General Discussion / Re: Taddy Bridge
« on: Feb 2 - 2017 »
Is the bridge at Tadcaster open yet ? Thought it was Tuesday.

Regards the widening that i think was one of the issues SSOB brought up,not sure of the others.

Not sure that many members would willingly give up their secrecy for a public interview or statement,outside of what they have written on here. The press and the like misread what people say and write, as nobody has already said.

The BBC the other year made a documentary about the brewery and that only had the ex managers of Sam's on and Cllr Metcalfe i think.

The information and links on this forum will help with the history and companies involved,depending on what information you require for your film.

Many thanks OBD

Any member(s) know what has happened to the managers here? Heard a rumor that a couple from Tadcaster hae taken over now. The previous managers had the Hansom Cab York & Fox in Tadcaster,if this helps.Think he was called Bert

General Discussion / Re: An Ode to Humphrey Smith
« on: Jan 17 - 2017 »
Interesting read,and also that they have quoted a wealth for the Smith family .See how long it lasts online  :EX