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Interesting stuff BB,it's amazing how many pubs Sam's have sold off over the years. Especially considering that people still keep telling that Humphrey sells nothing

Obb was cask last time I was there?

How long ago was that ECBD? It appears that many SS pubs are having the obb cask taken out.Including the Harewood Arms Hotel

General Discussion / Trainee Managers Story
« on: Nov 15 - 2017 »
Found an interesting story about a couple that have worked for Sam's for 5 years,and seem happy enough with their lot.

Also on the site are the latest vacancies.

Have the brewery set up another website for this venture.

Not a pretty sight.Things like this never happened in my youth. 9 pains of glass!

Nothing surprises me in Bradford nowadays. The windows looked nice on previous visits.

Interesting photo's,thanks for sharing BB

Your news.. / Re: Review of The Duncan
« on: Nov 15 - 2017 »
Great review of The Duncan by pub blogger and GBG ticker Retired Martin here...

Interesting review,always found this pub ok,when I have visited it.

I regret to inform that the long serving couple who ran the above establishment, have left, and AFAIK are leaving the trade.
They had been there over 16 years, and I do not know what brought this on. All I can say, is this is a great loss as far as I am concerned, and they provided an oasis of stability in a troubled Smithscape.
The pub is currently closed on Sundays and food service is suspended.  I hope that this changes soon, as it is my 'local' of choice despite being a half hour drive away.
It is also my 'go to' pub, and has been a reliable scene of many happy hours for us. I sincerely hope it finds its way out of what could be bad times ahead, the way things seem right now, as lots of pubs in general are struggling.
The new incumbents will have to do a superb job if things are to carry on as before. Also, what will happen to the various club or society meetings that were held? The BSA owners was on the point of getting a new member-me- when I found where my local meet was!

I wish my departed friends all the very best with whatever they decide to pursue, and if they do come back to the trade, I'd love to hear from them where they are, maybe go and have a look.
Take care, guys!! God Bless.   Dave and Julie.

Unfortunately this is happening all over the SS empire,and no replacements. Not many long term managers left now,and the ones that stay a few years,give up due to pressure from H about the takings. Looking at the vacancies lately there are still over 30. I know the pub at Killinghall must have been shut for about 6 months by now.Sad state of affairs

Popped in yesterday to escape an absolute horrendous rain squall. No OBB on so had Sovereign instead which wasn't too bad. No fire lit in lounge but the one in the bar was. Needed to dry off as very wet. Plenty of customers going upstairs for food. Apparently just Sunday roast, Beef or Turkey.

This time of the year I would have thought that this pub would be starting to get quieter. It's good if it's still busy for food though.Yes a pity about the obb been keg though

This pub south of Malton in the Yorkshire Wolds sells Taddy Lager and Pure Brew.  see photo.

Interesting how many pubs now sell SS products. What were the prices like ?

Interesting bar.

Wonder what year the bar price list is from,could be early nineties ?

General Discussion / Re: Notice
« on: Oct 19 - 2017 »
Haven't got a contact, just wanted to know if I get employed by Samuel Smith's

It will likely be a month but could be a week!

Totally agree,some managers just ring and then leave within a week.

Looks like the brewery is going to build on some land off Coal Road,Leeds, after 20 years. Looks like a massive pub & carpark for 60 cars.

Here is an article in the Evening Post,

Here are the planning decision,along with the plans.

General Discussion / Re: change of licence holder
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
My local 3/4 are all Thomas Jeffrey Padgett,has been for a while now.

General Discussion / Re: change of licence holder
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
it looks as if the pubs in York are changing the licence holder. i've been told that David Courtney is being replaced as Premise Licence Holder and the new licence holder is Samuel Smiths Brewery. Is this happening in other areas I wonder. i think young Sam is making his mark if true

Pub companies and breweries usually always have their premises licences in the name of the company rather than an individual so I would say that it's more likely that the company lawyers have pointed out the need for change, and  perhaps Mr Courtney has left, forcing the change?

I do agree, I know Thomas Jeffrey padget is on some licenses, as well.Been a former QS,now Maintenance Manager at SS. David Courtney was also a QS,not seen his name on any licenses,when I have looked. Shall keep my eyes open  ?S? ?S?

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps again - recent
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
I can still remember the days of KP nuts behind the bar (Salt and vinegar went well with a pint of OBB)

Why does Humphrey have to try and do everything on the cheap... and sometimes nasty?

I do remember the Brannigans beef & mustard flavor crisps,they were lovely. ;) ;)