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General Discussion / Re: change of licence holder
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
My local 3/4 are all Thomas Jeffrey Padgett,has been for a while now.

General Discussion / Re: change of licence holder
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
it looks as if the pubs in York are changing the licence holder. i've been told that David Courtney is being replaced as Premise Licence Holder and the new licence holder is Samuel Smiths Brewery. Is this happening in other areas I wonder. i think young Sam is making his mark if true

Pub companies and breweries usually always have their premises licences in the name of the company rather than an individual so I would say that it's more likely that the company lawyers have pointed out the need for change, and  perhaps Mr Courtney has left, forcing the change?

I do agree, I know Thomas Jeffrey padget is on some licenses, as well.Been a former QS,now Maintenance Manager at SS. David Courtney was also a QS,not seen his name on any licenses,when I have looked. Shall keep my eyes open  ?S? ?S?

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps again - recent
« on: Oct 13 - 2017 »
I can still remember the days of KP nuts behind the bar (Salt and vinegar went well with a pint of OBB)

Why does Humphrey have to try and do everything on the cheap... and sometimes nasty?

I do remember the Brannigans beef & mustard flavor crisps,they were lovely. ;) ;)

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps again - recent
« on: Oct 12 - 2017 »
Got two beef and one C&H tonight as per usual.
Both beef smelt and tasted of smokey bacon and the c & o smelt and tasted like burnt Chinese takeaway oil or oily spring rolls!
Whats going on in the factory we have to wonder!!!!

Must say that the crisps are not overly consistent at the present. Not sure what is going on at the factory.  :S* :S* :S*

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: American Market?
« on: Oct 12 - 2017 »
Saw a Tweet from Sam Smiths today where they said they were launching one of their beers in the USA

While this is good for the company I can't help but feel that Humphrey needs to sort out his UK Business before he concentrates on the bloody USA Market!

We would like the pub just up the road (Jolly Miller Harpurhey) to reopen again but that isn't looking likely anytime soon.

Its a Crying shame that Mr Smith seems Inept at running a brewery! Never mind a pi** up in one...

It seems that SS seem more interested in making money overseas rather than in the UK. I am assuming that young Sam is doing more with the exports. The UK empire seems to not matter to Humphrey or the next generation,as so many pubs are shut,whilst others are not taking what they once did.

General Discussion / Winter Welcome Ale
« on: Oct 11 - 2017 »
Just a quick question,has any member(s) seen the new Winter Welcome Ale in bottles sold at any SS pub. I believe it comes out or in stock from September?

I am assuming that the deli in Tadcaster is stocking it  :GIVEB:

Your news.. / Re: More Bans
« on: Oct 4 - 2017 »
Personally, it is the only SS pub I know that doesn't do hand pulled OBB, but I am not saying you are wrong.

You should really look at the trip advisor reviews, that place does get some stick!

At a guess, I'd say 50% don't have it. Especially in London.

London I agree with ECBD that it's probably 50%. Others that are keg are Harewood Hotel,Duncan & Elliott Leeds. Some in Bradfrod are as well.Buckles, others in Tadcaster & Sourrounding area to York. Brown Cow York,can't remembers otehrs in York. Shall think of others.

Interesting article in the York Press,about the King's Arms pub in York. Seems that stag and hen parties are barred.I thought the blackboard has been there for a while,by my pervious visits.

Lets hope that things change when and if Sam takes over the empire. Only time will tell

Heard that there is 13 new couples being trained up this week.   With managers leaving every week that will not be enough to go around.   I've heard of five sets that are leaving this week alone.

I guess that will fill a few vacancies around the empire,but a small drop in the ocean to the number of pubs shut.Some manages running more than one.

They say the ones closest are the last to know. ;).    Could say more but it will become common knowledge in a week or so.

That is true,sometimes the managers themselves don't know till the stock taker arrives  :S* :S*

Not the case this time. :D, but time will tell.

ok Know a few managers are fed up and getting worried about their jobs.

They say the ones closest are the last to know. ;).    Could say more but it will become common knowledge in a week or so.

That is true,sometimes the managers themselves don't know till the stock taker arrives  :S* :S*

Interesting poem.

Your news.. / Re: Retirement
« on: Sep 27 - 2017 »
We can live in hope that Humphrey is retiring,but shall see what happens.

I agree the OBB has been inconsistent for the last 3 weeks at my local SS pub, but better at the next nearest one.

The swearing ban really did make my howl with laughter  :() when I saw the signs in the Jolly Miller Harpurhey (Closed at present)

The customers were swearing left right and centre when we were in and no one was telling them not too...

Its another ill thought through rule by Humphrey who doesn't understand how some of his inner city pubs operate...

I know several SS pubs that have seen a decline in customers,after the swearing ban. My local now has 6 customers bared. The manager at the Angel In Leeds stood up to Humphrey over the ban and he walked off satisfied. He would lose a room full of regulars and the takings would be down. Been in other SS pubs and language has improved