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General Discussion / Re: Tadcaster Flood Progress
« on: Aug 16 - 2017 »
Hi all,

Haven't been to Taddy for a while, and didn't know that the Brit and the Falcon were closed.

Whatever happened to Sandra and her Hubby at the Falcon?

Britannia has been shut since the floods in 2015 i think.Falcon shut since the last relief left in June I think.

Malcolm & Sandra left the Falcon ages ago,Sandra started at the cafe,not seen her in Tadcaster lately.Malcolm was at the bookmakers.Not seen either for a while.

Humphrey has several pubs,buildings left derelict for many many years. 

See photo.

This must be a new sign,as it looks different to the one I saw outside earlier in the year,or maybe last year.With the prices on it. Yes the beer here is always good,pity other SS pubs in York can't do the same.

General Discussion / Re: Tadcaster Flood Progress
« on: Aug 15 - 2017 »
Wish Humphrey would get the Britannia open again......

Has been shut a good while now,wonder if it will ever reopen. Due to either lack of managers or H doesn't care about the pub anymore due to the flooding. The Flacon has been shut a while now,and keep hearing that H is going to flatten it. He's been doing that for years now.

Called here Friday dinner time currently closed and advertising for live in couple sign in the window  :GIVEB:

One of many pubs currently shut due to lack of managers. Apparently a training course is ongoing this week.I know a few other SS pubs have new managers in eg Radcliffe at Folifoot.

General Discussion / Tadcaster Flood Progress
« on: Aug 15 - 2017 »
Here is an article in the York Press today updating Tadcaster's resident's about the flood defenses.

Been past today and looks like the diggers are still digging out the rubble & stone from the river. I wonder if H has applied forthe grants  :HJH

"Breaking News..

Fees for those bringing employment tribunal cases to court are unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The court found that the fees, which were introduced in 2013, prevented access to justice for workers unable to fund their case."
- source: BBC

This could be a game changer - if any managers/staff, still believe they are being unfairly treated by the Samuel Smiths empire!

More here..

Interesting change in the law,hopefully this will give sacked employees more chance of getting redress. Hopefully Humphrey will be more careful about sacking managers and or staff in the future. I know a lot of managers are very stressed at the present of losing their jobs due to swearing in the pubs,after the bad publicity in the press. Still can't get over how many pubs have temporary reliefs in or are shut. Never seen the empire in such a mess.  :WF :WF :WF :-x

General Discussion / Re: Old bottle labels
« on: Jul 25 - 2017 »
Interesting collection BB.Not bought many new beer mats for a while

I have it on what I believe to be good authority that Young Sam will be replaced by an ex-Fullers Area Manager as of next Monday. Various rumours as to the meaning / reason for this, if this replacement proves to be true I will relay what I have heard.

Hmmm! Fullers is London so maybe?

In the meantime we can try guess so may I start: H is retiring? however, I doubt it is that simple......

The rumour mill goes round and round again about H retiring or stepping back from the helm.Only time will tell

The new design for this pub looks very similar to the one at Boston Spa,which has also had a recent refurbishment. Is this gastro style pub the new SS design model.

Will visit when in the area.

General Discussion / Re: Bad Language
« on: Jun 27 - 2017 »

Here is the link for the article. This swearing policy is not going well in so many SS pubs around the country at the moment.Some cases it has made the problem worse than it was before the notices were put up.

I know Humphrey was in one SS pub the other week and he noticed that the swearing policy notice was not appended to the wall. There was a relief manager there at the time,so see if Humphrey returns when the managers are back.

I was given a list from January 2000 of sam smiths managed houses,it lists all the area managers and their pubs.Managers were;
Mr F O'brien
Mrs L Burley
Mr C.E Brown
Mr M Thompson
Mr I Daffern
Mr C Elgenia
Mrs H Carline
Mr D Moore
Mr I Creighton
Mr S McRae
Mr M Maher

What a shame they are not still about,(with the possible exception of FOB!).The list also has the pub number,presumably for accounts etc,lowest is Angel and white horse,(301),and highest Golden Lion,Loftus,(696).The list also has the name of the pub manager,not many still there I suspect!.

Interesting stuff,yes I still see Fran O'Brien around in a few SS pubs every now and again.Not liked by the managers,asking far to many questions. Laura Burley (Leeds area) went off with stress and now works for another pub company. Ian Daffern is still at the brewery but a stock taker,think he did the Manchester area. Mick Thompson I think did the Southern pubs with Hester,can't remember the surname.

Yes bet there are no managers left in pubs on the list.Only long term managers I know are 3 in the Leeds area.

Over the last ten eyars or so,many many good managers have left SSOB whether by handing in their notice or been forced out or fired. Sad to see, and so many new managers without the skills or talent to run the many pubs that are now up for grabs.

Only two of my local SS pubs have managers in,one has worked for SS for quite a few years,the others are about at the year point. The other two pubs have a relief manager running both. That I believe about sums up SSOB at the moment.  :S* :S* :S*

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Carol Brown retires
« on: May 11 - 2017 »
Just read today that Carol is retiring from the Colpitts back home in Durham. Although I'm exiled now and haven't been back for a few years, the Colpitts is a cracking pub and always a great pint.

Glad some of the old managers are retiring rather than getting fed up and leave or end up been fired.  C==CC C==CC

During a recent visit to the city of culture 2017 we visited the Olde Blue Belle Inn and the Rugby Tavern.  Both were tidy but we had a preference for how well the lager was kept in the Olde Blue Belle Inn.  Lots of local pictures with this hidden gem!  Both pubs were busy.

I do intend to visit Hull this year, as I have not been for a few years now. Interesting to see what the Blue Belle Inn & Rugby Tavern are like after a few years away. Yes both pubs are normally busy

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« on: May 11 - 2017 »
I have been in several SS pubs since the ban, and the language seems to have got worse since the notices have been displayed in the pubs. Some managers haven't even bothered to put the signs up,or ignoring it,even worse for the managers.

I have heard this week that the managers at the Brown Bear in Sheffield have been fired,anybody else heard the rumour too? Also said the pub was shut.

Colpits was also mentioned in a article in the Sun recently.

The Moorhouse,Duncan & Elliott in Leeds are sometimes bad for language.