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Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: The Crows Nest Hotel - Cleethorpes
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 05:49 PM »
I think that I prefer it as it was!

General Discussion / Re: Apron
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 05:14 PM »
Hi there,

The image upload has failed to work properly.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: sam smiths pub finder map
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 05:10 PM »
I've been a little "distracted" of late, and not kept the map up to date.  I estimate that as many as 30 pubs are missing, mainly the ones that were previously Barnsley(????) ones.

General Discussion / Re: Winter Welcome Ale
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 05:08 PM »
Not seen it yet.  I usually buy from a specialist off licence, as much cheaper
General Discussion / Re: Crisps - It's Kolak.
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 04:58 PM »
This is the Kolak website:

General Discussion / Duke of Argyll refurbishment?
« Last post by DarkieBoy on Today at 04:50 PM »
The Duke of Argyll in Soho, London is currently closed.  Could this be for a refurbishment, along the lines of the Fitzroy?

Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: The Abbey - Location: Darley Abbey
« Last post by pint568 on Today at 01:35 PM »
The Abbey is now shut after the chimney caught fire on Friday. I've attached the local paper's news report. I hope there's not too much damage to the place as it's a gem, but the piece does say firefighters had to knock some brickwork out to subdue the fire. Hopefully the place isn't shut too long.
Went in here last week and it's just had a refurbishment.   It also as 7 bedrooms to let, the downside is no meals. So it's not a case of B&B more like bed only.    see photos.
Oh please Mr Smith come and spend some money maintaining this pub.  The carpets are threadbare, the paintwork in the entrance looks as though kids have drawn on it with crayons and the tables need a good sanding down and varnishing.  We could barely find a parking space, donít know if people are using it as a base and walking into York.  Itís clearly had some money spent at sometime because the walls and ceiling in lounge are still looking good.  On a positive note, there wasnít any swearing even when Iíd obviously sat in a seat frequented by a regular!
General Discussion / Re: Site Problems?
« Last post by OnTheDrink on Dec 10 - 2017 »
Noticeably faster! Your efforts are much appreciated.
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