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A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by nobody on May 14 - 2017 »
I took my wife into a Samuel Smith's pub at the weekend and it was pleasant to sit there without the usual swearing going on.  The manager of the pub is old school and will not allow any nonsense. He told me that he will warn then first but if they continue they will be asked to leave.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by Owen on May 14 - 2017 »
Hopefully, when word of mouth gets around, more people will start coming in again.

However, all it takes is one or two who continue to get away with swearing to spoil it again.
Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Lord Wolseley, Islington
« Last post by bitterboy on May 13 - 2017 »
Two items from early 1980s CAMRA mags.jj
Some nice pictures of the Keys through the ages,pictures courtesy of Stillingfleet Gazette.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by Melanie Starkey on May 12 - 2017 »
I'm not surprised the Brigadier was empty if management are strictly enforcing the rules as this pub did seem to have more of a problem than most. I don't want to ban anyone but a bit of self control is a bonus. 
I can't understand why a business would want to lose so many employees when you consider managers are responsible for the customer's enjoyment and hopefully repeat business.  It is a shame people have to make these decisions.  Interesting business plan, doesn't really go with long term planning.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by tubbycoates on May 12 - 2017 »
Glad to report that the ban is being (largely) enforced in the Brigadier Gerard.

Unfortunately, the night I went in it was almost empty !

I overheard the manager telling one customer that the pubs who are enforcing it have suffered with a dramatic loss of takings.

Hopefully, once the word gets around that it is being enforced may entice some old customers back.
Good argument, but I don't think it's a "strategic" decision as there is a cost to recruiting, training and indeed administering new managers. I'm sure H would like to think that managers were there for life as it's so much less hassle.  Alas not in would seem.
Thinking about the changing management teams it makes me wonder if the idea is that by continually changing staff pay and conditions are kept to a minimum.  I don't know what the t&c's are but business leaders have been known to increase staff turnover to reduce incremental payments, bonus and pension costs.  I am convinced SS believe they can do this because the customers will continue to visit no matter what. 
Over the last ten eyars or so,many many good managers have left SSOB whether by handing in their notice or been forced out or fired. Sad to see, and so many new managers without the skills or talent to run the many pubs that are now up for grabs.

Only two of my local SS pubs have managers in,one has worked for SS for quite a few years,the others are about at the year point. The other two pubs have a relief manager running both. That I believe about sums up SSOB at the moment.  :S* :S* :S*
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