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Hello Sam Smiths Afficionado's,

My sister and her husband have fallen in love with a Sam Smiths pub and are determined to change their lives and push ahead and try and secure the job of management couple. I'm a big fan of Sam Smiths pubs and regularly drink in The Star in Netherton and Edmunds Arms in Barnsley. As a customer I love them. But have also heard of various unsavoury goings on over the years with employment rights and such.

My sister has a very good job, her husband has some limited experience of working in pubs from years ago but I'm not sure to what extent. He has certainly never managed one. Is this a mistake? Are they going to regret this decision?

In summary they are smart, intelligent and outgoing. Love the countryside, community minded and reasonably likeable (the husband is a Man United fan and can be a bit of a knob sometimes). Any advice gratefully recieved.

Does anyone know if the Malt Shovel is still closed? I know they are advertising for new managers but don't they put temporary managers in situ?
A Customers Viewpoint / Going to Tadcaster.
« Last post by joeh917 on Mar 21 - 2017 »
My wife and I have decided to go away for the weekend to Tadcaster. We are staying somewhere in York and will be taking a bus out to Tadcaster on Saturday afternoon,as we have never been there before we were wondering which is the best pub for a pint of Sam Smiths and which is the best place for a meal, I am vegetarian and my wife only eats fish.
For the first time for ages I wandered past the Duke of Argyll last night. It's obviously having a massive refurb, scaffolding up and even a sign pointing you in the direction of the Glasshouse Stores (a number of yards away).
General Discussion / Re: Taddy Bridge
« Last post by OldBreweryDrinker on Mar 20 - 2017 »
Saw a photo on the NY Council website and was shocked :HJH to see that the bridge, was flooded one again.Or Looks like a high level to me,any member(s) know what is happening.

Sorry lost the photo.  :WF

They started work on it last Monday. :DD
Just been passed the pub. Looks like they may be starting work on it. ;D
Doubt it he hasn't done at the Admiral Hawke though it does look good

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General Discussion / Re: Price increase with budget
« Last post by nobody on Mar 18 - 2017 »
7 Sam's pubs in Scunthorpe. Yes one is a club but you can still get a drink there.
General Discussion / Re: Price increase with budget
« Last post by joeh917 on Mar 18 - 2017 »
Where is the next nearest pub for me which sells Sam Smiths beer.
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