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General Discussion / Re: Price increase with budget
« Last post by joeh917 on Mar 18 - 2017 »
Hi I hav'nt been on here for a good few years and the last pint of SS beer was in the Brown Bear in Sheffield about six weeks ago which was Sovereign at 1.94.  You are saying now it is 2.04 which is still cheap compered to other types of beer in other pubs, I am planning a night out in the Crows Nest in Cleethorpes soon but wish their were others that sold Sam Smiths as it is a fair way from where I live in Grimsby.  I need to catch up on things as I don,t know yet if Humphrey is still the owner.
Two Pound a pint. So what. Still very cheap.

It's not "cheap", not cheap at all, it's all it's worth, the others are a rip off. Maybe "cheap" by comparison to a rip off industry but 2.00 a pint is all any beer is worth, and I'm being generous at that.
Great comparison but it doesn't look like much remains of the original building - and this is why...
General Discussion / Re: Price increase with budget
« Last post by OldBreweryDrinker on Mar 15 - 2017 »
Agree with the points already cover.

I went into a few SS pubs today and the prices had gone up for some products interesting enough.

OBB 2.00
Sovereign 2.04
Taddy 2.30
Double Four 2.08

Wine 175ml 3.78,sorry didn't bother with the others.

Any other SS pubs prices gone up this week ? My local one probably hasn't as it had a stock take recently/

Work has started on the Pub this week. Happy Days. ; ;D :DD
Then and now pics of the Shoulder of Mutton,sadly no date on old pic.(new pic by Ian S).
Nice then and now pictures of Sun Inn with 110 years between them.(new pic by Ian S).
A nice picture of the Wellington in the 80s showing signage.
A nice then and now photo with 100+ years between them.The old picture shows the bay horse inn next door now a private house.Given Mr Smiths penchant for returning pubs to their original condition wonder if it will be re-thatched ?.
General Discussion / OBB at Travellers Fare
« Last post by bitterboy on Mar 13 - 2017 »
A great article from Boakandbailey about real ale at Travellers Fare station pubs in the late seventies several serving cask OBB.
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