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General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« Last post by discjockey on Jul 10 - 2017 »
Any old SS drivers and draymen out there that remember what it was like driving the fleet vehicles in the 1970's and 80's. Whilst at college I worked at the brewery part-time inside the various departments and out on the road delivering. The journeys down to a brewing base (bottled beers, barrels and kegs into the Coventry area (I think) two three times a week. I remember there was 1 lorry (I think it had the number 43) that was a flying machine  --  driving that at 70 mph no prob  --  would touch 80 at a push  --  with a full load  --  interesting experience going round corners and keeping the load in tact!!!!!! Bearing in mind what the speed limit was like in those days  --  the lorry I hasten to add was not seen much around Taddy. Regularly you would see SS wagons travelling up and down the A1 - in those days the vehicles advertised the brewery logo / info on the body frame  --  not sure whether that is the case nowadays. 

Here's an idea for a new section memories / funny stories of what it was like working for the brewery all those years ago  --  I enjoyed it and it did me no harm loved SS OBB (on cask) from that day on.
I meant lot of pubs and bars have lagers like Moretti for 4.70 and real ale can be 3.20-3.60 in my area.
When I read your post I had a laugh about the 5 per pint,   who would pay that? Then I had a think about it.  Today I paid 16 for a glass of white wine, a cider and a bottle of chimmey.   Pleased to say I then  visited 2 Sam Smiths pubs for down to earth prices.   Two weeks ago I was somewhere were it was 10 for a beer.  And no I didn't buy it.
In this day and age of nearly 5 pints I wonder why more non SS pubs and social/sporting clubs don't sell the likes of Taddy's and Best Bitter etc ? as if I was a struggling pub/club I be stocking the bar with a lot of the SS products.
We already do that. We make a point of wearing a bike t shirt and leather waistcoat with patches on. We get served !! Need a few others to come up and do the same.
Oooh, according to the article, Humph is a 'tycoon'!! Right.
Don't know exactly, in past few months I believe. I'll try and find out. And how many times now!
I don't know when they went, but they did not only the metaphorical midnight flit but the actual midnight flit by all accounts.
If true, then she deserves a life time ban from all SS pubs.

It had to happen didn't it?  Will not say which public house this occurred in.  The manager ask a lady to stop swearing and when she continued to swear he asked her to leave, that is when he was assaulted by her.
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