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A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps again - recent
« Last post by Mr Taddy on Nov 7 - 2017 »
You people that go on and on about Sams crisps really need to get a life.
Sorry but Tadcaster is fast becoming a dump. When we moved here in 1978 there were houses boarded up on Kirkgate next to the Chocolate Box newsagents. Still boarded up and joined by others on Chapel Street, Wighill Lane etc HS bought White Swan pub on Bridge Street and boarded it up. He bought Fircroft on Wighill Lane and the old Barnados home and just left them empty.......Why? Taddy could be thriving like Boston Spa and Wetherby but for some reason HS seems to want it to rot. You just get the impression he doesn't care but then some of the shops on Kirkgate and the swimming pool say different. I just don't understand him
Letís hope there is a change sometime soon otherwise Tadcaster will fall to pieces.  It definitely needs some attention if the Northern Powerhouse ever comes to pass.  It could be so beautiful with the river, closeness to York and Leeds, history of brewing and of course the mere fact it is in Yorkshire.
True Hump  and NYCC hate each other passionately.
Humphrey going into a deal with Selby District Council?

No chance!!!!

His own house is a dump and needing work.

I agree with you though.
I was in Tadcaster today and thought how sad some the the Sam Smiths pubs and properties were looking.  The Fox and Hounds along with The Royal Oak need some of that fabulous TLC you have shown your pubs in Leeds, Boston Spa and London.  Parts of Tadcaster look like a archeological dig or something out of Dickensian times.  If you canít afford it all why not go into partnership with Selby District Council to bring some much needed housing to the area?  Whatever happened to the Falcon or White Swan?  I could go on but feel this is enough for you to be getting on with.  Tadcaster could be a beautiful town especially when you consider the limestone quarries surrounding the town.  Given the residents of Tadcaster what they deserve. 
If anyone from the brewery reads this you might want to get to the Jolly Miller in Harpurhey before someone breaks all the windows and or sets fire to it...

Its become an attraction for vandals sadly...
Funny enough! I quite like beef or C&O when they actually taste of something or indeed taste of what the packet says they should. Last weeks were pretty horrible but will try again this week no doubt.

Tried em both again last week and I have to regrettably say that they are now horrible, truly horrible. Brought some home for the Mrs who quite likes the beef n she thew em straight in the bin after trying just one. Burnt bacon she described the beef as. They must have changed supplier or the supplier has changed the flavorings to god knows what. It's only my opinion btw.
When H tried the beef with his half I'd be surprised if he doesn't spit em out.

On a lighter note, the OBB was truly superb.
Announcements / SamSmiths Website - now back online!
« Last post by The Webmaster on Nov 2 - 2017 »


Well - as you can see, the website is back online -   :_o

To alleviate any conspiracy theories, this is what went wrong..

On Monday (30/10/17) evening,  there was a brief power interruption issue, at the secure data centre where our web server is located. Normally, this would not be an issue, due to alternative power backups.

Unfortunately, the event caused a failure in the server, and it would not reboot correctly - so it was decided to replace the server for a more advanced/resilient one. The hardware replacement went well, and was done quickly, however, a number of software compatibility problems occured, once all of the data was transferred.

Finally this morning, I had to undertake repairs to the 'sessions' part of the now rather large database.

Hopefully, all should now be stable - if not even better than before. But obviously we'll continue to monitor the situation.

Apologies to all for the inconvenience.

General Discussion / Re: Moves
« Last post by pubuser on Oct 30 - 2017 »
Someone mentioned a new couple were going to the Spread Eagle at Wragby. Just wondered if that had been mentioned.
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