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A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by tubbycoates on Apr 16 - 2017 »
It's the first I've heard of it, but I welcome it whole-heartedly.

I was in a pub in York last week and the girl behind the bar, late on, said (very loudly) "I wish all the customers in here tonight would f*** off!" Not very nice, and the landlord should have sacked her on the spot, but since he is one of the worst culprits, he can't exactly do so.

The problem is, of course, will managers enforce it? Bearing in mind that several pubs have regulars who eff and blind every sentence but are spending the best part of 20 every night, I doubt it.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 16 - 2017 »
I can understand swearing when you lose your temper or are upset about something but to swear every sentence for the sake of it is just not right and can be annoying, so yes I think he has a point.
General Discussion / No swearing policy
« Last post by mike66 on Apr 16 - 2017 »
Just arrived in my local to find the brewery have brought in a "zero tolerance policy against swearing in all our pubs" didn't see this in the pub I visited in Wales this lunchtime! Is it in other pubs. How they are going to deal with it his alone knows
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by nobody on Apr 16 - 2017 »
I like it, good for him.    We've all been in pubs with obnoxious loud mouthed men and women swearing for all to hear.  Yes some of the managers will have to stop all the  swearing also.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by yorkie on Apr 16 - 2017 »
Notice appeared behind the bar in The Ridgewood, Edenthorpe last night on brewery instructions. Apparently it also applies to the staff and management which should be fun in some Sam's pubs.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by Tadcaster resident on Apr 16 - 2017 »
Yes, apparently he has sent a memo out stopping all swearing in his pubs from Tuesday. Those that swear will be asked to leave and banned. :WF
A Customers Viewpoint / SWEARING
« Last post by Dafman on Apr 16 - 2017 »
We all know Humph's opinion of "The Taproom Class" as he calls us The Berkeley Hotel Scunthorpe has just posted a notice forbidding the use of swear words in both the back bar and the lounge now I do not condone the use of excessive swearing but have never been in a pub bar that banned it on pain of refusing to be served has any other Sam Smith outlet experienced this ??? :o
General Discussion / Re: Inspector Morse & SS Bottled Beers
« Last post by bitterboy on Apr 16 - 2017 »
Not heard of green label would it have been one of these?,9.3% rocket fuel!.
It's a hotel in name only,no rooms.
I am planning to go but wonder what it costs to stay there as it is not far from the station.
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