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General Discussion / Re: Young Sam and swearing
« Last post by tubbycoates on Jul 8 - 2017 »
Lets hope he turns up in the Brigadier Gerard in York.

He will see a bone-idle, uninterested girl behind the bar, who is constantly on her mobile (so customers can't get served), doesn't collect any glasses, doesn't tidy up or clean up, and lets rip with swear words herself.

And she's only 18 !

The reason she hasn't been sacked? She's the landlord's daughter.
Oops, forgot. Humph is definitely banned, he has a chauffer at the moment.

When was he banned? I saw him driving less than a year ago in Tadcaster.
General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« Last post by Bozzy on Jul 8 - 2017 »
Isn't DAF and Leyland owned by Paccar now?

Paccar even bought out Foden and killed that name.

General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« Last post by TR6KID on Jul 8 - 2017 »
I think you are forgetting Leyland Daf.
Ah well, look on the positive - you can have a couple now instead of just the one! I'd get changed, and go in wearing me biking jacket as 'just' a jacket and see what happened.
We have literally just ridden past the pub on the bikes on our way back from a ride out. Normally we would nip in for one before putting the bikes away , but instead we have had to come home and put them away and now hubby has walked around the corner for a pint. You couldn't make this crap up if you tried.
Oops, forgot. Humph is definitely banned, he has a chauffer at the moment. I have also found out the job was advertised on Gumtree. Presumably he uses Gumtree so much 'cos it's free. The pay? Minimum wage. And hoofed off when he gets his licence back.
Apparently, earlier this week he was in two Middlesborough pubs where he sacked / summarily ejected     ( or were told to leave immediately would be more accurate ), the two couples in question. Any info from someone up that way?
Being something of an occasional pedant and an arkward t**t who likes to puncture balloons, if I dig my old leathers out, put 'em and walk round to my local, or for that matter drive in my leathers to a Sam's pub, carrying a helmet, does that mean I would not get served? Does wearing the apparel make me a biker? Or I could be a complete tit and ride ( as I see so many people who will end up a skid mark on the road ), in shorts, trainers, t-shirt. I could park up round the corner, secure my helmet and gloves, walk to the pub and get served. Which shows what a nonsense this ban is. As others have said, the majority of bikers are not young hooligans, they have disposable income an plenty of it, which is why they can spend up to 10's of thousands on a 'toy' / hobby. There ARE hooligans, as in everything, but a very small minority, who tend to be self -regulating because when you ride like a t**t you tend to get t****ed.
Well if the ban on bikers comes into force across all the Sam Smiths pubs as it has done in our local (Royal Oak in Ulley) they will be turning away a lot of trade second weekend in August when the Bulldog Bash is on.
This is most definitely not the case. My husband and myself both live in Ulley and also ride bikes. Humphrey turned up at the pub one evening to see three bikes parked up and decided to ban them because he wants 'people in his pubs not bikers' - his words. We don't get a huge amount of bikes up here but the few that we do get are often passing through on bike nights, which also include a group of very elderly gentlemen on classic bikes who were also turned away. And in addition to that, so were two off duty coppers this week. It also means that neither me nor my hubby can take our bikes round to the pub on our way back from work.
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