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It's apparently a popular meeting point for bikers, most of whom will be perfectly respectable and just enjoying a weekend ride out. The man is batshit crazy. There's already a protest Facebook group...
I find it most frustrating that I cannot send the brewery an email unless it is for sales. Not very 21st Century?

It was just to pass on my comment of today on the Daily Mail website where it has an article on the supposed crackdown on swearing in it's pubs. This is long overdue imho and would like to copy my DM comment to offset my frustration as here -

"About time but we will see! I occasionally go in their traditional Red Lion pub in Colne, Lancashire from a nearby town for an excellent pint of brewed-in-slate-vat Old Brewery Bitter at a very reasonable 2! Trouble is, the language of many of the `regulars' is terrible, blaspheming, 'effing and blinding every other word. Even in front of a young female barmaid. This is despite a warning letter posted on the notice board. They may be afraid of loosing these people if anything is said but, with also serving NO food or having NO WiFi, they must be loosing new custom - especially the young. I would take no friends or family there and now hardly visit. The nearby 'Spoons are much stricter. I do hope they sort this out before trade falls off and eventually has to close as so many have."

Article is here -

I hope that is in order. Thanks. M.F.

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Now open, managed by Adrian and Dot, food starting mid-month. Still very Battle of Marston Moor themed, bit of a mix of colours, designs and finishes but clean and new. Hope the new guys make a success of it.
Madness, absolute madness.
The Ex-Fuller's guy started Monday, personally I give him six months. Before he gives up. Young Sam is to be concentrating his efforts on the export trade apparently. So no, no retirement for Big H. Personally, I think he'll carry on and suffer stroke / heart attack / whatever before he gives up, or simply die in harness. He's in rude health so why not carry on, from his point of view. Nothing is ever really heard about Sam's twin, does she have anything to do with the workings of the brewery?
Humphrey has decided that anyone who arrives on a motor bike, or is dressed in leathers will not be served at the Royal Oak Ulley. The new managers have to turn away such people many of whom have frequented the pub for years. I'm worried that by driving away long standing customers many of my favourite pubs will be in jeopardy.
A Customers Viewpoint / The Valley drighlington
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It's about time this popular pub had some money spent on it Mick and his wife make you feel welcome really nice couple but inside does need decorating etc. This time don't get Stevie Wonder to do the wallpapering looks nice from outside Mick always keeps on top of flowers.
Please spend some money on the pub it isn't as though Smiths have to buy the logs for the fires in winter the regulars supply them all, come Samuel l have been to The Admiral Hawke in Boston Spa nothing as grand but make an effort!!!!!!!!!
In the daily mail online,(that on tinterweb) :P,we got some people saying he should be our next prime minister,,christ,hin or corbyn,not sure which one's more loony
Hopefully young Sam will raise standards and not prices.
The New Broom pub in Rotherham has recently seen something similar, if not the same. Apparently the (quite new) landlord was chucked out and the pub remains closed.
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