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Your news.. / Spread Eagle
« Last post by pubuser on Oct 19 - 2017 »
Shut again. Anybody know when it will open again?
Samuel Smiths Estate Matters / Re: New SS Pub in Leeds
« Last post by OnTheDrink on Oct 18 - 2017 »
Good news from the brewery for a change. Wonder if it'll be family friendly like Hungry Horse etc?
General Discussion / Re: Notice
« Last post by east coast beer drinker on Oct 18 - 2017 »
Can anyone tell me how much notice a manager has to give?

It will or should say in your contract of employment.
General Discussion / Notice
« Last post by Lee donna on Oct 17 - 2017 »
Can anyone tell me how much notice a manager has to give?
Samuel Smiths Estate Matters / New SS Pub in Leeds
« Last post by OldBreweryDrinker on Oct 17 - 2017 »
Looks like the brewery is going to build on some land off Coal Road,Leeds, after 20 years. Looks like a massive pub & carpark for 60 cars.

Here is an article in the Evening Post,

Here are the planning decision,along with the plans.
Funny enough! I quite like beef or C&O when they actually taste of something or indeed taste of what the packet says they should. Last weeks were pretty horrible but will try again this week no doubt.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Crisps again - recent
« Last post by TR6KID on Oct 15 - 2017 »
Well, they are hardly cheap to buy! Which I didn't mind when they were great. Imho, the only ones consistent and good are the Chilli ones, no variation since introduced. The others, espec. Cheese and Onion are utter rubbish, Rammell as my dear departed Mum used to say! Every now and again I relent and try them and they are worse than Golden Wonder and that's saying something ( the only wonder is / was that anyone bought them ). As for the factory, I am certain they are produced in London, as this is the only manufacturer not to reply to my enquiry if they make Sam's crisps. I will do more to establish this as time goes on.
Your news.. / Re: More Bans
« Last post by OnTheDrink on Oct 14 - 2017 »
Personally, it is the only SS pub I know that doesn't do hand pulled OBB, but I am not saying you are wrong.

At a guess I'd say that around a quarter of the entire estate has no cask.  Out of the four Tyneside pubs, only one has cask.
HAVE YOUR SAY - Send a message to the Smiths / Re: pubs closed
« Last post by Doc on Oct 14 - 2017 »
Just been informed a favourite of mine The Petre Arms at Langho as been shut for a while looking for 1500 bond. No one seems to have a clue whats gone on with management couple, anyone heard anything.
An interesting view, but I believe a third type, a pub that does great beer and great food.

What has become my new local has a large restaurant area with a cracking chief, they are fully booked near every day and regular have to turn down custom that hope to walk in and get a table without prior booking. Food isn't cheap but is worth it as it really is top end restaurant quality food. Beer is top notch and below price what you would expect, never a bad pint.

On another view, I went to a "Brewdog" establishment a couple of months ago. I fail to understand how it works, totally horrible beer at stupid high prices, I think they confuse the word "Craft" with "Crap".

Obviously, I am a fan of Sam's to be here, but if they produced a fuller beer, did some decent food, then all sorted for them, but will not happen if Humphrey is involved!

The SS empire is so big, that it takes a long time for a stupid decision to have a long lasting company effect.

At the Old Brewery that's about 25 years. Then?
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