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A Customers Viewpoint / Re: SWEARING
« Last post by mac33 on Apr 27 - 2017 »
this is going to be fun the landlady in my local is the worst offender?
General Discussion / Re: No swearing policy
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 26 - 2017 »
Next time I am in Lincoln I will be dropping in that pub for a few pints.
Your news.. / Re: Sun Inn, Long Marston
« Last post by Bar Prop on Apr 25 - 2017 »
Callum, the old manager (nice chap) moved out over the weekend, contractors in on Monday morning - loads of ripped out wood in the car park by Monday eve. Going ahead with gusto!
BTW, best of luck Callum.
General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« Last post by Bar Prop on Apr 25 - 2017 »
And now Pilsner Urquell are claiming it as unique to them!
General Discussion / Re: Ten more pubs,confirmed
« Last post by bitterboy on Apr 25 - 2017 »
Looks like we can remove the strawberry tavern off the list.

A Managers Viewpoint / Sad state of affairs
« Last post by doccer on Apr 24 - 2017 »
This post is my own post copied and pasted from general discussion section. Just think it might get more attention in this section...............                                                               
 Don't believe that Humphrey has gone quiet. He is still displaying his 'dickensian' style of management and putting totally unreasonable targets and pressure on his staff. His actions ( which I believe,  in my opinion,  is verging on constructive dismissal tactics) has led to one of his best and longest serving managers ( who took his job very seriously and was proud of his position)  attempting to take his own life. He saw this as the only way to escape the constant pressure, thankfully the manager survived his ordeal due to being found in time and the speed and skill of the brilliant paramedics. I hope, although I doubt it, that this resonates through the brewery and Mr Smith realises it is real people's lives he is toying with. I sincerely hope that he can start showing some empathy and start to manage with a some degree of humanity so this kind of thing never happens again
General Discussion / Re: Not as busy.
« Last post by doccer on Apr 23 - 2017 »
I very much doubt it, but I really hope he does change his ways.
General Discussion / Re: Brewery lorry
« Last post by jackrussel on Apr 23 - 2017 »
Tank beer a la Whitbread????? Used to see that delivered round Manchester and pumped like heating oil into cellar tanks. Those were 't  days, lad.
 :DKB <-Imp!
General Discussion / Re: No swearing policy
« Last post by jackrussel on Apr 23 - 2017 »
I think this is a good thing, I don't like to hear too much of it, tho' I have let the odd profanity out on occasion. Some folk, tho' seem to be unable to talk withoutan  F as  every other word! That stinks and good riddance to it if this works- I shall just have to be on MY guard too, fair enough.
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