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General Discussion / Re: cider
« Last post by bitterboy on Apr 6 - 2017 »
I don't know where other spirits come from but the 12 year old scotch comes from Deanston distillery at Doune near Stirling and is excellent.

Your news.. / Re: Sun Inn, Long Marston
« Last post by Tadcaster resident on Apr 6 - 2017 »
Was passing last Sunday so popped in for a quick pint. First time I'd been in in years and nothing has changed. Certainly in need of the refurb. Sat at a table in the window with a lovely long and winding snail trail on the carpet. A couple of locals sat near the bar and a couple of screaming kids running about. Was not at all welcoming so lets hope the refurb (if it happens) does the trick. As I left a couple of mature motor cyclist couples went in but came out immediately shaking their heads.
General Discussion / cider
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 6 - 2017 »
Is the cider made at the brewery and what about all these spirits, my dad used to complain that you could'nt get any other rum but Sam Smiths own brand but surely they don't make whiskey and rum themselves. I have to say I like the crisps but only the plain ones.
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: Admiral Hawke - Boston Spa
« Last post by ademapearl on Apr 5 - 2017 »
I have also been in the refurbished Admiral Hawke. Décor best described as 'shabby chic', individual vintage chairs and tables, possibly picked up cheap from auction houses and recovered. I fear that walls have gone up, the big front room is partially divided into two, and a small snug without access to the bar is at the back - nice comfy armchairs but nobody using them. Why does the brewery persist in thinking people want to isolate themselves in dark poky little back rooms? Also agreed that perching on high stools is not for the over 30s! Cannot comment on the ladies toilets but the gents is transformed from its previous unsavoury appearance.
Wheat beer and pure brew on draught, but no Sovereign or mild. Food menu seems to be the standard fare, but I was told that evening service is only from 5.30 till 8.00 (no signs or publicity anywhere) so not changing into a destination where you can spend the whole evening. I suppose this refurbishment is progress of a sort, but apart from bringing in a trendy designer, there is still work to be done on appreciating what the customer actually wants rather than just hoping that cheap food and beer will bring the people in. A wider choice of wine, instead of red, pink or white would be a start according to my other half.
General Discussion / Tadcaster.
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 4 - 2017 »
Quite a few people on this forum seem to think Tadcaster is a bit of a dump, well come and live in Grimsby and you will see what a dump looks like. All over the town you will see dog sh-t, empty beer cans and plastic bottles just dropped down anywhere, I just wish I could get out and live in Tadcaster but properties there are so much dearer than they are in Grimsby.
Not at Sam' prices.  The Jackdaw also sells Sam's products.
Melenie it does sell other beers but it also sells Sam Smiths Soverigne which I think I have spelt wrong and lager.
Do you mean Angel and White Horse, believe the coach serves Theakstons.
General Discussion / Re: line glasses.
« Last post by east coast beer drinker on Apr 4 - 2017 »
Is'nt it about time the government got it's finger out and made it law to have line glasses in all pubs to stop customers from being ripped off.

Been done to death on here has this subject in it's various forms. The rules are quite clear, up to 5% head, the width of a pencil. A line on a glass can still be abused, and top up's still have to be asked for. Vote with your feet mate.
General Discussion / line glasses.
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 4 - 2017 »
Is'nt it about time the government got it's finger out and made it law to have line glasses in all pubs to stop customers from being ripped off.
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