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Last night, from the outside, the Angel looked alive and well. Probably just a minor hiccup and all's well again.
Watched freeview 19 yesterday and saw the pub then read about it in the newspaper today.  There are many scenes filmed in SS pubs.  Loved it when I went on the recent Corrie tour and found a SS pump at the bar.  Also seen SS beer mats in the reruns of Where the heart is.  Oh what extra money SS empire could make if they linked in with the tourist industry.
Funnily enough,a few years before the series aired, I was in a relationship with a girl who did a year in Dusseldorf, so I used to particularly watch the exterior shots, looking for places I'd recognise, only to figure out they were shooting in Hamburg!
Since your reply I've done a bit of research, and the exterior shots for series two were shot in Redmile Leics., Beeston Notts. and Caunton Notts. which is only a few miles up the road from me. Apparently, the site where the building site was set now has the Eastenders set built on it. They ended the series in Spain which I had forgotten.
I might go and have a look at that pub - probably not too far from me.
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is currently being shown on the Yesterday Channel, Freeview 19. It is in the second series, which might be the period re the pub you mention. This week Oz fell in love with the German 'escort', and told Dennis he was going to marry her, to which Dennis replied, " Oz, you are already married."  "Aye," said Oz, "but only in England" assuming that he was free to marry another in a different country.
I recall when the series started instead of going out at 9pm for a drink, I would watch the first 10 minutes of the first ever episode.  I assumed that it would be the usual ITV rubbish (Cannon and Ball. etc.); and then give up after 10 minutes.  I did not get out to the pub until 10pm. :D
In the event of a buy back, there is as much chance of HS promoting it as a tourist spot or Auf Wiedersehen themed establishment as standing in a howling gale urinating and not getting wet. Unfortunately. Though I doubt that an A.F. theme would be enough of a draw. Might be a good pub to acquire though -  the current owners are presumably making a living from it, but how good a living is the question. I remember the series , they stayed in the pub whilst renovating a big country pile for what turned out to be a dodgy owner, if memory serves. Gonna try and look up some scenes on tinternet. Wonder if the bar in the series was an accurate representation of the real bar, as I think they would film such scenes in a studio.
As all Auf Wiedersehen fans will remember this pub was included in the series as 'The Barley Mow' where the boys lived, slept and drank. At the time Sam Smiths pubs / beer were popular venues - ie Inspector Morse enjoyed a tipple or two in the Oxford area (not sure what pub was the setting for this).

I noticed a recent storyline line on the BBC Leicester Local news site that the current owners David and Kirsten Rutt were retiring after 16 years and that if the premises could not be sold it would be auctioned off. Do I take it the pub was a ss one in the past and then sold to the current owners?

I wonder if HS might be inclined to repurchase the site and promote it as a tourist /  Auf Wiedershen fan zone establishment  --  worth considering. Any fans out there carried out a nostalgia visit?

There is not really much more to know other than what you can find out for yourself through this site or press releases.
The man himself has no influence on the people in Tadcaster whatsoever, land or law. People do however obsess over him because of his eccentric nature and strange actions relating to his small brewery and pub network.
The majority of tadcaster people have jobs / careers outside of Tadcaster - (Leeds - York ect) and have no affiliation or connection to the brerwery other than a chance visit to a sams pub.
I think people find his character fascinating and some enjoy spinning yarns about him and the brewery. He means the same as joe blogs to me, I couldn't care less.

The guys is not god, nor does he own Tadcaster like some people make out. He owns a few shops, pubs and some agricultural land.

How very true.
Yesterday was the first time I'd been near the Angel for at least 2 weeks and found that it was closed.  The outside sign was lit so the electricity can't have been disconnected. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything.

Sorry not been to London recently so can't tell you.Maybe another member(s) could answer your question.  :WF
Any member(s) know if this pub is reopening again ? As it was shut when I was in Tadcaster the other day.

Judging by the number vacancies still,is it a shortage of managers or reliefs at the moment. I know there are quite a few pubs either shut or having a refurbishment.
Yesterday was the first time I'd been near the Angel for at least 2 weeks and found that it was closed.  The outside sign was lit so the electricity can't have been disconnected. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything.
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