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Don't forget the Coach and Horses at Tadcaster when you do the list of Sam Smiths pubs.
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: Crows Nest Cleethorpes.
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 3 - 2017 »
Back in the Seventies I used to go in the Submarine or Sub as we called it, I did'nt know that it had once been a Sams pub though. I remember one of the beers sold in there was Double Diamond which you don't seem to see anymore.
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: Crows Nest Cleethorpes.
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 3 - 2017 »
Thank's bitterboy for that.
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: Admiral Hawke - Boston Spa
« Last post by bigjim on Apr 3 - 2017 »
Called in on Sunday morning for a proper gander at the 'new look' and it does indeed have all the hallmarks of a young hand at work. I hate to use the term 'contemporary', but I'm afraid it's the best way to describe the look and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that Humphrey is not best pleased. The rear room is laid out in restaurant style and was doing a fair trade in Sunday roasts at 7.95 a throw. The right hand front room has those bloody irritating high bench seats that are impossible to sit on if you're over 60 or less than 5'6" tall. There was a nice coal fire going though, but in my opinion the ambience is spoilt by loads of fancy modern light fittings equipped with multi element bulbs glowing at about 10 watts a piece. Neither use nor ornament and they'll look even more naff when you can't buy replacement bulbs.

Ok I'm an old curmudgeon, but there are quite a few design horrors like the car park barrier that when open nicely fills the side window; the cellar coolers that are bound to get bashed by cars entering and leaving and a ladies toilet virtually unuseable by some interesting door locations (information supplied by other half). I'm afraid young Sam is going to have to do better than this in my humble opinion.       
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Re: Crows Nest Cleethorpes.
« Last post by bitterboy on Apr 3 - 2017 »
The pub on the promenade was called the Auckland Collonade,(pic1),known as Taddy's,after SAMs it was the Spanish Steps which went bankrupt.The other one was called Pier Gardens,(pic2),although when photo was taken it was the Refreshment Pavillion,earliest mention I can find is a planning application by sams in 1938.It is on the corner of Sea rd and Promenade.It was later known as Submarine and its still there now a pub/club called Waves.
Samuel Smiths - Pub List / Crows Nest Cleethorpes.
« Last post by joeh917 on Apr 3 - 2017 »
This used to be my local and was built in the 1950s but I still go in now and again as I visit my mother who lives not far from the pub. It is the only Sam Smiths pub in Cleethorpes and as far as I know their never have been any in neighbouring Grimsby. I was wondering if anyone on here can remember the other Sam Smiths pub that used to be on the North Prom at Cleethorpes but was closed down sometime in the 70s or 80s, I don't remember what it was called or why it closed.
Your news.. / Kingsway Hotel Rochdale
« Last post by paultrust on Apr 2 - 2017 »
::T::Can anyone shed some light on The Kingsway Hotel Rochdale I drove past this morning and all the ground floor is boarded I have previously read H.S. had saying he was going to put the place on the market is that the case or is it something else?
General Discussion / Sams Video
« Last post by Bozzy on Mar 31 - 2017 »
Apologies if this has already been posted here, but I couldn't find it.

Found what looks like a recent video with the SS brewing manager talking about Sams as below.

Cracking video, Sam's need to do more publicity like this.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Going to Tadcaster.
« Last post by Bozzy on Mar 31 - 2017 »
If you visit York again, try and get to the Ebor in Bishopthorpe, it is the only remaining SS tenant pub in the country and is excellent, very different to all other SS pubs as they can do things and sell products that other SS pubs cannot do.

Regarding quality of beer, The Trafalgar is a bit of a "back street" rough pub, but the manager there does look after his beer very well and serves a perfect pint of OBB, I always make a point of having a couple of beers in that place when I am having a crawl around town.

Regarding other posts, I have to agree that the Blacksmiths Arms (just down the road from me) is very good now, I have only visited once very recently, but the OBB was spot on when I did visit, locals quite pleasant too.

I am confused with the Kings Arms, which is quite a famous and well known pub in York as it always gets flooded but still tries to remain open, they even have the various electricity cables ran high up in the walls to remain open during floods. But they do not serve cask OBB? I went in and went straight back out last summer as a result.

Burns, quite good, is always busy but a decent pint, good location as in the town centre.

York Arms, again a decent pint and York centre, landlady was very good and chatty last time I went in.

Brigadier Gerard, very chavy, crap un-kept beer, rude staff, don't bust a gut trying to visit that pub.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Going to Tadcaster.
« Last post by joeh917 on Mar 30 - 2017 »
We fully enjoyed our weekend at York and Tadcaster and are planning to go again. Since coming back and looking at the map I have noticed a pub at Stutton called the Hare and Hound which is only a mile away from Tadcaster and would be a nice little walk this coming Summer when we plan to go again, we shall be staying in Leeds this time so will get the bus from the opposite direction. Is this a good pub to visit and have a meal and good pint in as I have read a write up by somebody back in 2010 who said the meal was good but not as good as it had been in the past.
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