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Does Humphreys son actually look after / area manage pubs? I've only ever seen Humphrey where I live (east midlands)
General Discussion / Re: Elland Bridge
« Last post by tricastlgs on Jun 27 - 2017 »
Colliers was 5ft deep with water inside.
 The cretin Humphrey, insisted the present landlord and landlady start to clean it up. Utterly ridiculous. Hazardous filth to be cleaned by them on a minimnm wage?
 The millionaire should've paid to sort it straight away.
In the next month it'll be open. Shame really. I'd like a decent company to own it.
I have it on what I believe to be good authority that Young Sam will be replaced by an ex-Fullers Area Manager as of next Monday. Various rumours as to the meaning / reason for this, if this replacement proves to be true I will relay what I have heard.

Hmmm! Fullers is London so maybe?

In the meantime we can try guess so may I start: H is retiring? however, I doubt it is that simple......

The rumour mill goes round and round again about H retiring or stepping back from the helm.Only time will tell
The new design for this pub looks very similar to the one at Boston Spa,which has also had a recent refurbishment. Is this gastro style pub the new SS design model.

Will visit when in the area.
General Discussion / Re: Bad Language
« Last post by OldBreweryDrinker on Jun 27 - 2017 »

Here is the link for the article. This swearing policy is not going well in so many SS pubs around the country at the moment.Some cases it has made the problem worse than it was before the notices were put up.

I know Humphrey was in one SS pub the other week and he noticed that the swearing policy notice was not appended to the wall. There was a relief manager there at the time,so see if Humphrey returns when the managers are back.
General Discussion / Bad Language
« Last post by discjockey on Jun 27 - 2017 »
Having browsed through the Daily Express website 27th June I noticed an article about a pub having been closed for three days  by the landlord due to bad language by customers. The pub in question was the Arlington in Loftus - owned by SS I do believe. Needless to say I wonder if HS had made a selected visit or whether the landlord took it upon himself to make the closure decision. It would be interesting to hear from any of the pub regulars what their opinion on the matter was? Or indeed how other landlords / managers feel about taking these tough lines of action
Your news.. / Re: Sun Inn, Long Marston
« Last post by Bar Prop on Jun 26 - 2017 »
Opens mid-day 1st July. Details and pictures on Facebook- search The Sun Inn, Long Marston or follow this link:

Your news.. / Re: Sun Inn, Long Marston
« Last post by Bar Prop on Jun 24 - 2017 »
There's now a note in the windows advertising for staff so it seems managers must have been appointed, no sign of an opening date yet.
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