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Working for Mr Smith (poem)
« on: Aug 23 - 2017 »
I write poetry sometimes; wrote this one at work. Hope you guys like it, I didn't dare post it anywhere else.

I've worked here for five years
Angry customers abound
Many times staff are in tears
No fun can ever be found
The boss keeps laying down law
No TVs, no phones, no swearing
I don't think we can take much more
And customers aren't returning
The beer is sent back to us
Because its simply sh*t
Oops, forgot, I shouldn't cuss
But it's not swearing is it?
Interviews for someone new
Another one's jumped ship
If only the poor bugger knew
The money isn't worth the trip
Chanting every single day
The same rules once again
There's nothing else we can say
Except maybe 'Is it Sovereign?'
So no, you can't watch that here
Swear again and you're done
There is not a cheaper beer
Even if you show us one.
We'll bar you on a whim
It's not our rules its his
Don't shout at me, go call him
I want to call it quits.

Edited for grammar

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Re: Working for Mr Smith (poem)
« Reply #1 on: Aug 23 - 2017 »
Great ode, I just wish Humphrey would sort himself out and let go of that iron rod he rules the roost with.