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xx Trainee Managers Story

Nov 15 - 2017 by OldBreweryDrinker
Found an interesting story about a couple that have worked for Sam's for 5 years,and seem happy enough with their lot.

Also on the site are the latest vacancies.

Have the brewery set up another website for this venture.
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xx Moves

Oct 29 - 2017 by TR6KID
More change ere in Ollerton. Andrea and Paul in the White Hart are off to the Saxon Hotel Kiveton, to be replaced by a couple from Spalding. The incumbents of the Saxon are off, jumping before pushed apparently.
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xx Notice

Oct 17 - 2017 by Lee donna
Can anyone tell me how much notice a manager has to give?
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xx Petre Arms Langho

Oct 13 - 2017 by Doc
Not been on the forum for awhile, but felt motivated by finding out the Petre Arms is shut and up for grabs requiring a 1500 bond. Does anyone know whats happened any rumours.
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xx change of licence holder

Oct 12 - 2017 by Tadcaster resident
it looks as if the pubs in York are changing the licence holder. i've been told that David Courtney is being replaced as Premise Licence Holder and the new licence holder is Samuel Smiths Brewery. Is this happening in other areas I wonder. i think young Sam is making his mark if true
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