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question Why doesn't the brewery pay better - for experienced staff, etc..

Aug 5 - 2017 by Submitted Anonymously?
 I was saddened to find 'The Greyhounds', at Killinghall, North Yorkshire,shut on my last visit. The quality of managers at this establishment has been on a downward spiral since the extremely competent John and Carol were goaded into leaving some years ago.

Mr. Smith has recently spent millions  refurbishing The Blue Bell, now known as The Heversham Hotel, near Kendal. Since re-opening it has been very difficult to get a good meal here, or any food at all, because the chefs are employed on the minimum wage and keep walking out.  In fact the wage offered hardly pays for their travel costs in this very rural area.

Why will Mr.Smith not employ good quality staff and pay them realistic wages?  He should employ a Michelin starred chef, or someone of equivalent status and experience, and put them on a profit-sharing basis.  As it is, the huge car park at the wonderful Heversham Hotel remains almost empty and loyal customers such as myself are rapidly losing patience with the way this potentially excellent pub is being run.


Ref: 040817. Contact info supplied
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xx Ban on Motorcyclists

Jul 21 - 2017 by Brawlins
The ban on motorcyclists allowed by Sam Smiths Brewery at their Royal OaK, Ulley, premises, as reported in National News last evening unfairly discriminates against a social group. Many motorcyclists may have been long term customers for many years without the pub management knowing unless they arrive at said pub on motorcycle.
I have informed the national organisation which campaigns (effectively) for Motorcyclist Rights and Interests and is widely respected by local government across the U.K. for its measured approach to working with local authorities to improve road conditions, attitudes and general treatment of this segment of society.
The Motorcycle Action Group, a founder group of the Federation of European Motorcyclists has over 50,000 (Fiifty Thousand) members who will boycott Sam Smiths Public Houses, Licensed Premises and all Sam Smiths Products across the United Kingdom until this unfair, unreasonable ban has been lifted.
Personally, as a customer of The Mill at Withington, a Sam Smiths Pub for over 35 years, I will cease to visit until this ban is lifted.
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xx Re-roofing the Tim Bobbin, Again.

Dec 28 - 2016 by realbobbiner
After 18 months of just plodding along, calling in every now and again for a couple of drinks but not getting too comfortable, seeing the new generation of idiot coming through led by the landlord and landladys son.
But even I was surprised to see their son shirtless, on the roof of the pub stripping slates off on Boxing day morning.
The fool had to be talked down.
No idea what the brewery have said about this but it does not look like a long term career plan for the landlord thanks to his son.
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xx Colliers Arms Elland.

Aug 30 - 2016 by STROUDY
Will this pub ever open again ?
Addressed a letter to Sam Smiths enquiring, never received a reply. Perhaps I should have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope as I believe Humph may have short arms !   
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xx Why no Samuel Smiths Pubs in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Jun 27 - 2016 by under250
Always thought Newcastle would of had a Samuel Smiths pubs few due to being a major northern city and having some beautiful traditional architecture ????.
Be great if some places sold the OBB/Sovereign and Stout as well as I know one pub has there IPA on but thats 1 more then I can afford as I'm a cheap skate sometimes.
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