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National Minimum Wage - Accommodation Offset Calculator

(UPDATED 01-10-2014)

This calculator is designed so that you can quickly work out if you are being paid above or below the UK National Minimum Wage, allowing for the offset of what maximum can be legally charged from your wage, for inclusive 7 days a week accommodation - for example; you live at the Public House you manage.

Privacy: No data is submitted, the calculations are done only within the page itself. 

Operation: This calculator has been designed to operate for the following scenario..

1. You are of the age of 21 or older
2. You are in full time employment (not self employed)
3. Your inclusive accommodation is provided for 7 days of the week
4. You are a Licensed Public House Manager

The SamSmiths NMWAO Calculator
National UK Minimum Wage, with Accommodation Offset

Your Weekly Wage (before deductions) £

No. Hours Worked (7 days)


Your gross pay is £ per hour. The UK minimum is *£6.50

The Directgov Public Services website has calculation details here, from which we have taken the figures to program the above calculator.

Note: The DTI recommended calculations will vary dependant on the type of employment, your age, duration within the week of occupancy, etc. More info. However, the information we have used in this calculator, bases a comparative Public House Managers average wage from the website.

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*Calculator correct at 01-10-2014 for workers aged 21 and over - More Government Info here. 
** Average Public House Managers wage sourced from here.
GBP = Great Briton Pounds = £'s

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