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ABUSE - We take any complaint very seriously. Due to the nature of this website, and many forums, there are unavoidable situations whereby an individual (or group of individuals) may through anger, ignorance or some other reason, post material of which it's content contravenes our AUP.

We have a set of procedures in place to deal with such violations as effectively and as quickly as possible.

In the first instance, if you believe that the content of a specific post is in some violation, then please use the 'report to moderator' link, found at the bottom right of each post.

By using such a method, we can quickly identify the offending post, and take what ever actions are deemed necessary. Your email address will also be revealed to the moderator or administrator dealing with the matter. This usually assist in informing you what action has been taken.

SEVERE ABUSE - If your complaint is of a more severe nature, for example..

  • Repeated AUP breaches by another member / members
  • Serious threatening behavior or harassment
  • Or any content posted that could cause harm, injury or distress to an individual or groups of individuals, or could assist in the perpetration of a crime.

Also, if you believe an administrator or moderator of this site is being unhelpful, ineffective, or themselves contravening our AUP - then please contact the website owner(s) directly through our contact section, or emailing details to 

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