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Title: ridgewood
Post by: mac33 on Oct 29 - 2015
does anyone know why the ridgewood in edenthorpe doncaster is closed, its been shut for about two weeks.when i visit the area we always went there but seems a shame to keep it closed.
Title: Re: ridgewood
Post by: yorkie on Oct 29 - 2015
It closed 4 weeks ago yesterday. The managers went on holiday and whilst they were away cash and stock shortages were noticed and the police were called in. The managers were suspended on full pay on their return. They are still living above the pub but with no access to it.
At a further stocktake after their return more stock and cash shortages were found and the relief manager was dismissed on the spot. He went back to York where he comes from and the pub has remained closed since then.
This is based on conversations with the managers and the relief. There are numerous rumours flying about but as they are just rumours I do not intend to report them on this site. The only person who actually knows what is happening sits in Tadcaster and we locals are awaiting developments.