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Another picture of the brewery with samuel smiths sign.

Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Golden Lion Selby
« on: Feb 4 - 2018 »
Great photo thanks for posting it.

Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Springhill Tavern
« on: Jan 26 - 2018 »
Springhill Tavern
North Hall lane/Spring Street West

Found this one recently,it was at least 100 years old when it and the surrounding area was demolished in the 1950s.Pics 1&2 of the pub pic 3 a glimpse of the "Sams right good yorkshire beers" pub sign.

General Discussion / Re: Site Problems?
« on: Dec 17 - 2017 »
No idea what that means but much appreciated !.

They are doing well on the food league table.

My perfect bar !.

Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Dusty Miller,Low Laithe
« on: Oct 29 - 2017 »
Dusty Miller
Low Laithe
Nr Summerbridge

Found the grainy picture of the pub sign  and did a bit of digging,before it was a Sams pub the beer was supplied by John Metcalfe and sons of Pateley bridge,it was up for sale in 1904 possibly bought then.The pub closed in 1964 the last landlord being Alan Haynes.It then became a coffee house,a gallery and in the 80s it became the dusty miller restaurant until 2005 when the business moved into a new cottage behind the pub still trading under the dusty miller name doing outside catering.The pub is now a private house,picture 2 is when it was a restaurant.

A glimpse of the pub just after Scorton station closed.

Two pictures of the pub first from 1920s and second 1950s.

Nice pic of the Golden Ball when it was a Tetleys pub,anyone know when SAMs got it?.(pic courtesy of Kelvin Allen).

The demise of the Castle Hotel.

Nice picture of Oustens courtesy of Bridlington good old days.

A couple more photos of the hotel,the second shows the brewery offices before they were converted into shops,third is a beermat from the Londesborough.

I came across this beermat in a job lot,I have no idea how old it is and don't know when it was a freehouse or when SS acquired it?,any info much appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Tadcaster Flood Progress
« on: Aug 17 - 2017 »
This is a plan of samuel smiths proposed development in Tadcaster from before the flood,(yet to be granted permission),i suspect most if not all of the houses would also have been flooded!.