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A Customers Viewpoint / Captain Kidd
« on: Aug 25 - 2015 »
Here is what happened at a recent visit to the Captain Kidd:

I waited at the bar to be saved. The barman came over and took my drinks order which was two pints, and he went off to pour the drinks. Half way through pouring the first pint another customer came up to the bar and asked the barman that was serving me for a glass of wine and a pint. The barman broke off completing my order to serve the other customer first.

I was confused as to why the barman had done this so very politely enquired if there was a reason I was missing why he was served before me when I was clearly first. In response he said: "I served the other customer because he is a regular that comes in most nights, and I like to look after my regular customers because they are important to me. You are not a regular customer so you are not important to me, but if you were a regular customer then you would get the service he did". 

I found this response extraordinarily rude so I made a formal complaint to Sam Smiths head office. I was assured the area manager would be informed and the barman would be given a written warning for his comments which I was happy with so I hope this was done.

I used to visit Captain Kidd probably once a month so was not a regular but I was an infrequent visitor. Having been told I was "not important" I will take my custom elsewhere and will not be going back.

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