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To all managers that do food would you please write a letter to the humph expressing there lack of trust we have in kristian.the man is a parasite who uses managers to suck the humphs d..k.kristian is a lying scheming under hand piece of scum who is nothing without us managers .am not the only manager to be shafted by this parasite so don't wait till its your turn

Your news.. / Re: wheat beer
« on: Feb 6 - 2013 »
 ::H As Hurtybyhumph says easer said than done to get shot of it, If The Humph says we have to sell it we have to sell it, we have argued black and white with him over this but he won't back down. :(

Your news.. / Re: wheat beer
« on: Feb 5 - 2013 »
 :(     It's the worst product we sell, we will never get 5% as long as we sell this, It costs us more on line cleaning each stock take than what we sell.  :(

 :DDDD:I heard that 15 of our Dray Men paid a visit to the Colpitts on Friday night and had a very enjoyable night , with Landlady Carol!! :P

the managers at the angel white horse have been given a months notice .they have been offered the falcon or nothing .they leave the angel on feb 19th.the reason humphrey gave the managers was THEY WERE ATTRACTING THE WRONG TYPE OF CUSTUMERS IE MOSTLY MALE AND DOWNBEATS .this how humph looks at his PAYING customers the company is dying on its feet .i will try the falcon and humph can shove his so called flagship up his backside.the so called flagship is in need of some tlc like a lot of sams pubs.with more people been layed off in the brewery .humphy is saying he needs a large increase on prices and that to me would be the end of sams.

A Managers Viewpoint / tiger haxby
« on: Nov 15 - 2012 »
another couple sacked over the humphs 5% .locked up stairs with 3 kids like convicts  told to leave straight away .to those people who continue to mock managers over humphs 5% please feel free to call the ex manager of the tiger.

Your news.. / royal oak tadcaster
« on: Oct 27 - 2012 »
the royal oak tadcaster closed no manager to run it .relief manager found another job .

General Discussion / Re: Management vacancies
« on: Sep 23 - 2012 »
as a resident of tadcaster i can tell you all the sams pubs are dying a death .go in any sams on a weekend after 9pm you will find them empty.were people of tad are going is a mystery but seem to have given up on sams houses.

yeah bad news again a really good couple been sacked cos he will not pay them a pension unbelievable so hard to get good managers.

any clues tad resident /my local herds us out like sheep at 11-30 .

I don't think The Angel opens till 12 on a sat, n Shann House Hotel is right in the centre of Tad not sure about dogs try phoning looked up the no for u it's 019378333931.

General Discussion / Re: managers holidays
« on: Feb 20 - 2012 »
Yes it is legal, and yes it is ran on the managers licence.

I have been Informed That one of His Managers has at last beaten the 5% Surplus.
At his last Disaplinary, He took a solicitor, Weights & Measures & Trading Standards, To The Old Brewery Offices in Tadcaster.
Trading Standards told Mr Smith that it was Illegal to get a 5% surplus, The Brewery is now Installing Measured Pumps into the Pub he runs.
Does this mean that all of the Managers he has sacked for not achieving 5% surplus, can take him for unfair dismissal?

The buildings Ie: row of houses near the Oak, the one's in the second picture, do not belong to Humph, they are privately owned by someone else, common knowledge is the guy who bought them, pipped Humph at the post, to buy them!!!

Alpine at 4.5 was made with Bavarian hops, Humph has decided to go all British. Taddy 4.5 and Alpine 2.8 are made with British Hops. Hope this helps.

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