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General Discussion / Site Problems?
« on: Nov 28 - 2017 »
I have two devices to log on here but only 50% at best when I try to get into the site is it successful? Half the time this cloud thing comes up saying the host server isn't available. Are there anyone else having the same problems or any issues to report?

A Customers Viewpoint / Crisps again - recent
« on: Oct 11 - 2017 »
Got two beef and one C&H tonight as per usual.
Both beef smelt and tasted of smokey bacon and the c & o smelt and tasted like burnt Chinese takeaway oil or oily spring rolls!
Whats going on in the factory we have to wonder!!!!

A Customers Viewpoint / Crisps
« on: Feb 18 - 2017 »
Apologies to resurrect this again:

I now give up my Benson's theory and go with Kolak. They supply the following and Aldi taste the closest to Sam's I think......maybe?
Marks & Spencer.
The Co-Operative.
B & M Retail.

Your news.. / Crisp's again
« on: Oct 2 - 2016 »
Had a beef and a cheese last night, all with no flavor again. They don't seem to able to get any consistency except that they are more consistently without flavor than with!  ::)

General Discussion / London
« on: Aug 19 - 2015 »
A quick trip report.

Had a keg OBB in the Bricklayers (I do like this pub) and the Crown.

All the cask OBB in the P L, C of Y,  B P, A at St G all on good form I thought. Was enjoying a good pint in the Lyceum Tav but when I went for another the manager inexplicably removed the sparkler and pulled me pint. Must be me cockney accent that fooled him into thinking I was from darn sarf. Anyways, how to ruin a good pint in one foul swoop. Even the bar staff were looking and as soon as he disappered on the sparkler went. Too late for me though as I had a long walk ahead. Shame really cos it was a nice pint.

Tried the Cheese again, disappointing cask OBB.

Most of the pubs were resonably busy, especially P L & L Tav despite the deliberate goof my the man in charge.

No flavor on the beef down there either.

Your news.. / Golden Ball
« on: Jul 31 - 2015 »
Just to announce that managers Garry & Tina have handed in their notice and are regrettably to leave soon.
Another opertunity has presentded itself and they have decided to accept so the pub is up for grabs.
The place is now a very popular pub and this is down to the managers and staff hard work and determination.
We wish them all the best for their new venture - they will be missed.

Your news.. / Well well....
« on: Apr 14 - 2015 »
Well well. It's unusually quiet around here folks!
  ::T:: Not even any witty banter about the fella who doesn't put the flavour on the crisps.  Not to mention that someone in excess of 20 stone must sit on every bag before it's packed into the box for transport. I haven't had a crisp bigger than my thumb nail for some time now.... but it's not the end of the world is it!  ::W::
I had some great OBB at the weekend in a very busy pub and with summer just around the corner I'm looking forward to plenty more.


General Discussion / Bottles
« on: Nov 10 - 2014 »
Has anyone tried OBB and Old |Brewery Pale Ale in bottles please? Or are they the same thing?

With Christmas fast approaching I may treat myself if anyone knows where they can be obtained?

Thanks everybody......

Your news.. / The Golden Ball
« on: Jun 26 - 2014 »
Tried to post some photo's (but they won't up load) of the new look Golden Ball. Looks splendid in Black & Cream. Interior decoration about finished too.

A Customers Viewpoint / Yes indeed, welcome back
« on: Apr 26 - 2014 »
Began to miss the forum and am happy it's back on line.
However, much prefer a pint of OBB to the forum so every neg has a pos......  :DD Cheers web guys......

General Discussion / 3 guesses
« on: Dec 5 - 2013 »

Your news.. / Weather warning
« on: Jul 19 - 2013 »
It's hot so don't forget to drink plenty.  :EX

I'm off for a galleon of OBB or as near to as I can. Cheers   :D2

A Customers Viewpoint / Crisp's again.
« on: Jun 23 - 2013 »
Had a bag of beef and a bag of c&o last night, and I can report that the person who puts the flavoring on has gone awol again. So there are four flavors, all plain, just in different bags......

That's a good  10-12% head on my pint to brim of Brains. It was from an English owned bar in tererife yesterday. Like I say, they are all at it.

Sorry, photo won't attach. Will do it when I get home....

Your news.. / Crisps - again
« on: Feb 14 - 2013 »
Anyone got the flavorless crisp syndrome again? No flavor in the beef or s&v, c& o still ok ish. Only the plain one's taste anything like what they should! Seems to be less in the packets as well.

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