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Manager Dan sacked and pub closed ....anything known or just more of the same.

General Discussion / A boards in bishopthorpe
« on: Feb 7 - 2017 »
It seems that A boards put out and positioned at the junction Acaster Lane and Bish main street ,by the Ship Inn Acaster and the Marcia in Bishopthorpe have gone missing. The A boards put out by the Ebor in the same location ,have not ???
Now I am no Einstein but I dont think we need Holmes and Watson to work this one out. :HJH

What on earth was that about.

A Customers Viewpoint / The Ebor Bishopthorpe
« on: Jan 5 - 2015 »
Not wishing to pile on the agony to Mr Watkins who has shown a terrible lack of judgement by employing and then harboring a known criminal, burglar car thief and drug user. But then rubbing the villagers noses in it by writing a letter of support to the court claiming to have taken the man under his wing. (York Press) But then threatening to bar anyone talking about it or making wisecracks about burglars. Simply serves to further the embarrassing predicament he has placed himself in.
Lots of questions are being asked around the village especially the recent blip in burglaries and present arrangements at the pub.
So dont discuss any of your holiday arrangements or outings within earshot of the bar. You never know who is listening.

General Discussion / cop car
« on: Dec 28 - 2013 »
Just wondering if anyone knows why a cop car has been parked on Bishopthorpe Main Street more or less outside the Old Ebor every day now for about 3 weeks ?? 

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