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This pub south of Malton in the Yorkshire Wolds sells Taddy Lager and Pure Brew.  see photo.

This week three more have handed in there notice,  been told that there is now 39 pubs wanting managers.

General Discussion / Humphrey bans regulars
« on: Jul 21 - 2017 »
I heard about this a couple of weeks ago but did not post it because it's a little far fetched.   I've been told the same story in two Samuel Smith's pub that are 70 miles apart, so maybe there is some truth in it.

Humphrey walked into a pub and while talking to the manager in the bar he turned round and pointed at 3 groups of drinkers telling the manager not to serve them and to ban then from the pub.  The manager told Humphrey that the groups where his regulars, it made no difference and the manager had to ban them.

I'll leave it up to you whether  too believe it or not.

Been told today that a couple of weeks ago Humphrey walked into the Bath House in Dewsbury and heard someone swearing. He closed the pub and sacked the manager on the spot.

It had to happen didn't it?  Will not say which public house this occurred in.  The manager ask a lady to stop swearing and when she continued to swear he asked her to leave, that is when he was assaulted by her.

General Discussion / Young Sam and swearing
« on: Jul 7 - 2017 »
Been told a few days ago that Humphrey told young Sam to do the round of the pubs to see if anybody is swearing. The thinking behind it is that he is not that well known in the northern pubs.    If he does hear swearing his orders are the sack the staff and managers and close the pub.     I'll leave it up to you if you believe it, or whether it's the rumour mill working overtime. 

General Discussion / New Memo from Tadcaster
« on: Apr 29 - 2017 »
A new memo.

I'm planning a trip in the Mansfield area in few days.  I believe that there is at least one Sam Smiths pub in the area, just wonder where it is and is there more then one in the area.   I traveling via Nottingham.

General Discussion / New, Organic Perry
« on: Sep 28 - 2016 »
Was in a Samuel Smith's pub today and saw a bottle on Organic Perry. I bought one 3-90 and took it home, it's in the fridge and I'm having it later tonight.  Don't know it the photographs will come out. 

Centurion asked if I was Peter Kay.  Well I had to lookup who Peter Kay was.   So I'm posting another one that I was not going to post because 1, it happened a few years ago and 2, It's hard believe.  But I'm going to post it to give Centurion another laugh. 

A few weeks ago I was sat in a restaurant in Russia talking to a chap who worked for Sam Smiths years ago.  I do know which pubs he managed but I'm not saying here.  He told me of an incident that happened years ago.   He was at Oxton Hall was Oliver came out dressed in a suit to be followed by Humphrey shouting at him that it was his turn to wear the suit.  Again I'm not bothered if Centurion believes it or not. 

General Discussion / Sam Smiths on You Tube
« on: Jul 31 - 2016 »
I did a forum search and I don't think this clip is on the forum.

When the council wanted to put up a temporary  footbridge (Sonny's Bridge) the brewery sent the council letter saying that there could not use their land because it did not look nice ( or words to that effect).  So a resident of Tadcaster did a you tube clip of some of the breweries properties  in Tadcaster.  At the end of the clip is a ling to the letter sent.   If anybody can submit the letter in full on here it would be appreciated.

General Discussion / Sonny Bridge, Tadcaster
« on: Jul 31 - 2016 »
Heard that Humphrey refuses to use Sonny Bridge and he walks to the Viaduct to cross there on his way to work and back home. With the road bridge hitting snags the end of the year opening looks doubtful.   

A bit back I heard that Oliver is back at work and his job is to look after Humphrey so he doesn't upset too many people. 

General Discussion / White Horse, Beverley
« on: Jun 11 - 2016 »
Do not know if this is old news.   Sam Smiths have put in planning to turn the empty rooms on the first floor into bedrooms and turning it into an Hotel.  This is not rumour but fact.  I seen the planning application.

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