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General Discussion / Tour de Yorkshire
« on: May 1 - 2015 »
Just got a glimpse of t' Golden Ball on the TdY on telly, couple of flags on the side. What other SS pubs are on the route, have any been done up for it?

Shame about this. They sold Sam's a long time ago, I haven't been in for nearly forty years so don't now about more recently.

(stretching it a bit calling it a York pub?)

In this article from today's Indy
the writer refers to having a pint of Sam's in the first pub of the Otley Run. The website
gives the first pub as Woodies Ale House in Far Headingley which I think is a Greene King pub selling a range of the usual real ales. She may be referring to when she was a student but I don't think Woodies existed then, but I don't know of a Sam's pub ever in Headingley

Samuel Smiths Estate Matters / HS and HS2
« on: Jan 29 - 2013 »
Anyone know whether the proposed HS2 route to Church Fenton impinges on any of HS's land?

Article in the Independent today:

The article in the paper includes a photo taken inside from the 60's,  as well as the  one shown on the web version

Hi, another article, including a picture, in the York Press today re the Red Bear:
This councillor seems to be an old mate of Humphrey and seems easily impressed by what he's heard down at the brewery. Wonder how long he has been a councillor considering the pub has been an "eyesore" for at least 4 years.

Hi everyone, there is an article in the Selby Times today about Sam Smiths losing at the Court of Appeal. They had objected to the development of the former mine at Gasgoigne Wood, near Sherburn/South Milford, which would "create hundreds of new jobs". "Judges also refused leave of appeal for Samuel Smith Old Brewery to petition the House of Lords to challenge the decision made by the Secretary of State... allow the re-use of the colliery site for business activities"
Here's a link (I think): [][/]

I imagine that this was an expensive defeat.


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