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Be a great day to see HS get dressing down or hard ways of life as SS totally needs a complete positive change of guard.
Don't expect that will happen ; does it feel to anyone else, that the time may be ripening for being bought out?
Then it'll be the bloody end!

" Damn it! We were so close to making it work, too!!"   :WF
The brewery you mean? No, no way.

So, good post and spoilt for choice there, more chance of flying to the moon I think.

Hi all,

I've been told that the landlord is leaving in March.

Has anyone heard anything?

If he's going, was he pushed?

If he was pushed, he'd be gone. Hump doesn't seem to do notice.

Maybe a transfer?

I would suggest both.

H suggested taking cask out of ours but the manager asked to give him a chance with it. Cask OBB became the biggest seller within 12 months. Cask ale brings in people if it's kept and served correctly. Keg OBB doesn't. Repeating myself here, the Smith's don't half miss the boat time and time again. ALL their pubs should have at least one cask beer in if not two.

I don't think there is a "procedure" that dictates cask or keg. I think if it is slow moving then keg is favored to keep waste down perhaps?However, cask for me every time and I think the keg version is poor by comparison.

Sky sports  jukebox and pool room. Sounds like my idea of a pub from hell. My opinion of Humphrey has just gone up. My local has all the mentioned in the bar and it's full of young ones shouting over the jukebox and football commentary and arguing over the pool table. The lounge has three large televisions and an entire wall screen all with sport on and they expect families to dine there. Give me SS pubs any tine good beer and chat at a acceptable price. We maybe grumpy old ditherers but there is more of us than the young ones and we have the spare cash.


Bad news, and he never learns does he? All the disruption of temporary managers, new managers all has a negative impact on said establishment. One day he won't be around so it's a matter of waiting it out. Too late for many a good manager tho.

This is a generalised post regarding the condition of Taddy Lager. Has anybody out there noticed a difference in the quality of a pint in relation to taste and the condition of when it is first poured - from a point of view of the 'aggressive bubbling effect' and the quickness as to it going flat.

Has the brewing process (HS input) been tampered with? Possibly using alternative ingredients?

It is just that over the last month or so at my local (which shall remain annoymous) there have been comments made by the residents of these issues.

I prefer the OBB Cask which is always on song at the local.

Can't comment on the Taddy as I don't drink the stuff. Cask OBB mind, if that's consistently on song then the manager knows what he's doing so likley the problem is else where in the chain rather than the pub itself.

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Too Young
« on: Jan 2 - 2018 »
Sorry didn't realize it was unlawful to buy crisps at the bar unless you were 18.
No doubt any child entering without a parent would soon be outed especially in this particular establishment.

The  assumption is that they are allowed in! In some they aren't at all, managers discretion.

General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« on: Dec 27 - 2017 »
For the first time in years we won't be giving H our money. Double fare each way for a taxi, to be thrown out at half 10. I'll go elsewhere thanks.

He just doesn't learn does he!
In his mind it's better to shut a pub and have no turnover than to give a few staff hours to keep the place open and sell some beer. Mindblowingly dumb if you ask me.

General Discussion / Re: Winter Welcome Ale
« on: Dec 12 - 2017 »
The Dyneley Arms at Pool sell it while stocks last, also Harewood Arms Hotel. Think it just seems to be certain pubs that can stock it. The deli at Tadcaster were selling it at 3.15, appose to 4.30 in the SS pubs.

Only certain pubs sell it because I'm told that each manager has to ask HS if he can sell it? So some don't bother to ask.

It looks superb and congrats to the brewery for keeping the British pub heritage alive. However no cask beer, so out goes the heritage....I just don't understand why they do this. They should be capitalising on their cask beer not swapping it over to keg!

General Discussion / Re: Site Problems?
« on: Dec 3 - 2017 »
I would say 50% of the time I can't get on!

General Discussion / Re: Crisps - It's Kolak.
« on: Nov 28 - 2017 »
Well done Sherlock!   :D2

Did you ask them to give the guy who puts the flavour on a wake up call?