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We understand it was a problem with the licence but, as you say, there are several versions of this going about. No doubt Humphrey leapt on it with his customary man-management skills.
It's open again now with a new manager. He has run pubs in the past but not too recently. I understand he did attend a Training course.
As far as reliefs go I think it has been the practise for a while that the Manager finds their own reliefs for holidays etc. I don't think there are many about...

Your news.. / Re: Two more sackings
« on: Jan 26 - 2016 »
This information is substantially correct. The other pub is just 3 miles from the brewery.

Your news.. / Oliver retiring this year?
« on: Feb 1 - 2014 »
Oliver is retiring in October this year. What was a rumour is now confirmed.
What of Humphrey?
Rumour is - he goes in November.
Can anyone confirm this?

A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Old Star - Clifford
« on: Jan 2 - 2014 »
While I can see that the Topic starter feels he has a grievance regarding the Christmas cards, what he follows with is both unnecessary, seriously inaccurate and potentially harmful.
Put simply, as far as can be ascertained:

The manager is not planning to leave
The mortgage comment is completely wrong
Her husband was made redundant last year and has finally found work.
The reason given for barring the person mentioned was not as stated.
Other than that......

I know this is an "anonymous" site, however one should make sure that facts are absolutely correct before going into the public domain - and avoid personal details at all times - as is the normal practice on this site.

I've heard it confirmed twice today in 2 different pubs

Yep. It's coming out of my local too (not a million miles from Tad). Replaced by the Mild I believe.

Grease lightning now

For me it's been slower than a very slow thing all week. My broadband is running perfectly for any other site but at first I gave up thinking the site was down! (Blaming Humphrey of course)
I now find if I wait for 3 to 5 mins it eventualy loads/ changes page etc.

A big problem somewhere I think


Your news.. / Re: Price rises - more to come!
« on: Nov 3 - 2011 »
My local, near Tad, has been told of unspecified price increases about to be announced.
Will it be the usual pennies - or more like the London increase?
Thus prompting the local cry of:

"How much!"

It is a definate change from most of the other Sam's pub's at the moment. How much is the beer there compared with the normal Sam's pubs ? I forget

I think the OBB was around ?1.60 so not much in it. My local is ?1.54.

We've just been. What a refreshing change!
Friendly, popular and cheerful with its own menu. It's even still got Alpine... for those who insist upon gassified syrup rather than real ale.

25 years a tenant, Gordon reminds us how Sam's pubs used to be.

Nice pictures - they do it justice. And as a regular I must say the managing couple are superb too!

General Discussion / Re: Spotted
« on: Feb 23 - 2011 »
Look carefully and you can see the trademark wellies...

General Discussion / Re: Spotted
« on: Feb 23 - 2011 »
I am assured this is the man himself - seen last month in Tad. Too quick for the snapper to get a mug shot though!

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