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It seems amazing that our lovely county has been named the beer capital. The entry at the bottom of the article is the best, a Sam Smith's pub been mentioned, but not in the list.

I don't understand the SS policy at the moment that they retire a couple and then reuse them as reliefs. Is this a cheap way to keep former managers at a lower cost than their management salary. But i have noticed a number of relief managers that are seemingly over the standard retirement, dont understand it. Have heard that Humphrey has taken on a 72 year old man relief at one of his pubs, due to lack of other relief cover. Another is 70 that was reliefing at the Gardener's Arms a few weeks ago. Cheap reliable labour for Hupmhrey i suppose.

General Discussion / Managers Squatting in pub
« on: Sep 8 - 2011 »
Have heard for quite some time that the ex managers at one pub have been locked upstairs for 6 months. They are now trying to claim squatting rights for the upstairs, as they have a daughter staying with them. I understand that Humphrey has now written to them, to say that i am taking you to court to evict you from the pub. The managers do have somewhere else to live. So why are they not moving. Trying to get the last few bits of money out of Humphrey. Did go past and the pub looked much the same as my last visit earlier in the year. Answers please

I was watching News Night last night and watched this particular section with interest. As to whether or not Tadcaster would come up as it has many vacant shops and retail spaces owned by Humphrey Smith. But was shocked for the town not to appear. Is the BBC scared of publishing the truth about the vacant shop in Tadcaster, or an oversight. They have done one documentory about Samuel Smiths Brewery in 2009.

I have been in several pubs lately where there are new managers starting and seem keen and enthusiastic, but let down by the lack of support. One set of managers had problems with the till and could not serve people and give them their change. The number that the brewery had given them didn't work. This is in more than one pub and different times of the day.

Also tried Linda Stuart on her phone and mobile and due to been under so much pressure herself didn't answer the phone. To much pressure is been applied to new managers now due to lack of training and mentoring by the brewery. This is all before they have to get the 5% surplus to boot. I feel so sorry for the new managers that are now working for the brewery.

General Discussion / New Dray Wagons
« on: Sep 1 - 2011 »
I believe that Sam Smith's have just bought 3 new wagons that are larger and have more capacity than the old ones. Seems to be spending some money at the moment. Anyone seen these new wagons about yet. I know there hard to spot as don't have any logo's etc .

Looks like the Council are planning big things for Tadcaster for the jubilee. But i wonder if Sam Smith's will be involved like they were at the last celebrations. The shire horses do lok good and attract publicity for the brewery. Knowing what we all know maybe not for Humphrey.

Heard a rumour a few weeks and now just had a look at companies house and the following information appeared


Just wondered if Mr Smith is going to buy it and integrate into SSOB. Looks like its definately in administration.Have to see how it will affect Sam's

Here's an article that Humphrey could be proud of, as i belive that he built and supplied the stone for the building in the first place. Despite the tax dodge that SSOB made by gifting it to the local community.

General Discussion / Another SS pubs that floods
« on: Aug 10 - 2011 »
Just found this article in the York Press and it says that another Sam's pub appears to have flooded a couple of times lately. Humphrey's insurance company must not be happy with all these claims. Anybody been there recently ?

Heard from a friend atthe weekend that Humphrey was parked outside the Deli shop in Tadcaster last week badly. Got outthe car and went into the shop to get some beer for something (6 boxes), probably free trade. Got back into the car and didn't look before reversing and knocked over 2 cones and the sign ( because New Street was shut for drainage work ). He stopped and got out and picked the cones and sign up, looking flustered. Then he tried his best at a three point turn and reversed right into the middle of the road, nearly into a passing car. Both cars waited for him and he eventually turned his car round.  :o

My friend also said that several people were amazed at how he reacted. He was red faced walking back after parking his car in the brewery car park.

General Discussion / Old Star Collingham
« on: Jun 30 - 2011 »
Heard a rumour that Humphrey has bought this pub and intends to reopen it. But from another source that it is going to be a Sainsbury's. Any know who has bought it, because i know a while a go it was up for sale. Nice location.

Been informed that a manager who has been with the company nearly a year. Has been told that they are not right for Samuel Smiths Brewery and been told to find another job by Humphrey Smith. Or he will jsut replace them with somebody else. They have increased the takings and sorted the pub out yet Humphrey is still not happy. This man is a fool, why lose another manager. :o

I have heard from a elaible source that Council are forcing Samuel Smiths Brewery to do something with many of their properties down the high street. A couple look as though they are already in an advanced stage. Also the brewery looks as though they are doing something with the drains outside, blocking off New Street till the 20th of June.

General Discussion / Offer on beer but why
« on: Jun 10 - 2011 »
I have noticed this sign in a Sam's pub and was asking myself why. Is the beer going out of date and not shifting enough of it. Does the brewery know that its been sold so cheaply.

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