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The manager of one of my local Sams pubs had a break in and stole the copper pipe, they ripped the radiators of the walls and broke several windows for about ?10 worth of copper. A few days later it was broken into again and now the door has been left open and the windows are still smashed.Now the door has been left open, because the brewery are not bothered when the manager phoned up.

General Discussion / A snowy problem
« on: Dec 5 - 2010 »
I have been to several Sam's pubs over the weekend and found some have made an effort with the snow and some haven't. One i went to had cleared a pathway to get to the pub entrances, but had not put any salt or grit down.When leaving the pub last night i nearly fell over twice whilst walking along the path.

As the manager had cleared the should they not have put some saltor grit down, i know Mr Smith is tight but surely customers safety comes first.Any other pubs cleared or not cleared the carpark or pathways?

Was looking for somewhere to eat and found this in Cambridge for next week.Also heard from an ex rayman that theres a SS pub near Cambridge,anyone know.

A planning notice has appeared on a lamp post in the central car park Tadcaster, stating that it is going to be resurfaced and 143 parking places, 3 disabled bays and 4 motorcycle. But also changing the access and egress junction and drainage works. It also says that it affects the setting of a listed building. Ref 2010/1143/FULL. People have 21 days to object from the 19 November. Anyone know about what is happening with this, have tried to search the planning number but didn't seem to bring naything up.

Over the last few weeks have hearda  similar rumour that Sams are to sell their beer to a supermarket. I know it already sold in several outlets already, but this must push it to another level. Anyone else heard about this?

General Discussion / Middlesborough Pub Sold
« on: Nov 14 - 2010 »
I believe an old Sams pub near the Master Cooper at Middlesborough, used to be a training house many years ago. Later it was sold to Bass, who i believe knocked it down.Anyone know about this, heard about it the other day.

Heard from several new managers in the last few weeks that they are not to give out lists of pubs or dislcose where others are. Also they are not told by the training manager general information about the brewery and the number of pubs, which is their best kept secret.

Is this Humphrey's new strategy to stop information appearing on here; and also for members on here to find out where all his pubs are.


I noticed the other day that the all saints brewery webiste was been relocated by dreamcast and today it is no different. Also today the sarahbrownridge website is also down.Does this mean that they are being upgraded or disappearing from existence.

General Discussion / Under age drinking
« on: Nov 5 - 2010 »
Would you think that under age people would want to drink in a Sams Smiths pubs, due to no alcopops and no music. Just seen this sub committee meeting minutes on the web and thought i would share them.

Even Humphrey himself attended.

General Discussion / Run out of XO Brandy
« on: Oct 31 - 2010 »
I was in my local Sams on Friday night and a few of us were trying the brandy out and the manager stated that they had run out of brandy. ???It was becasue the manager could not order any more because of the strikes in France, where they get it from.Any other Sams pubs run out of brandy?

General Discussion / Managers Resign
« on: Oct 27 - 2010 »
I believe that the managers att eh Barley Corn,Scholes have resigned.Does anyone know any more information, as the manager i spoke to only knew that they had resigned, last week.

I went out at the weekend to Ripon and walked round several pubs, but could not find any Sams ones.Also asked a few customers in the pubs i went in and they didn't know of any in Ripon.

General Discussion / White Swan Tadcaster
« on: Oct 8 - 2010 »
It looks as though this has been bought by Enterprise Inns, judging by the beer mats on the tables. There were people coming in and out today and saw that they were cleaning the place and other odd jobs.The curtains were open and it looked now different from before. Anyone know what is happening with this pub ?

General Discussion / Seasonal Festive Menu
« on: Oct 5 - 2010 »
I have recently seen an advertisement for a seasonal dinner, consisting of turkey and a christmas pudding for ?11.00 during December.Is the meat from Sarahbrownridge or from Sykes farm that i believe managers can buy the meat from. I dont remember a christmas menu being available last year.Anyone know any more information?

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