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General Discussion / Tax Parity
« on: Mar 15 - 2013 »
So if Wetherspoons are struggling to make a profit, does this mean that Humphrey is as well. The tax on beer is going up and up, whilst the supermarkets appear to get lower taxes.

?273.5m in taxes in the six months is a large amount of money for HM Treasury to collect. Supermarkets seem to keeping the prices static of late, as many pubs are already putting the prices up, even before the budget.

Views and opinions please ?  :WF

General Discussion / Cooperage @ SS
« on: Mar 6 - 2013 »
An interesting video on how SS makes the wooden casks. Appear to have permission of the Head Brewer and Simon Poynton. They seem to let certain people into the brewery still ! Just not fans of the SS brewery and it's products.

Hope the link works ok.

General Discussion / Single Managers Why Now
« on: Mar 6 - 2013 »
I have been to quite a few SS pubs of late and they have had single managers. Thought that Humphrey didn't want single managers, as some of the pubs have done food in the past. Why the change in policy ? Have heard that quite a few others are changing to single manager pubs, that have had a couple in the past.

There are a few that are single managers and have been for a while. Just to balance things.

Have to see what the adverts say.

General Discussion / New Food Supplier
« on: Mar 5 - 2013 »
It appears that SS have found a new supplier for their food pubs. It seems to have a similar range to what Sarahbrownridge made before. Don't think it's out for a few weeks yet, but shall try it out when it arrives. Some SS food pubs seem to be stocking up on the Sarahbrownridge food before the factory closes. So Humphrey is hoping that all the food gets used used up, lots flying around then I feel. Wonder which pub will get the new food first, and also when the training starts for the new menu. Or is it still just pressing a button on the microwave.

Looks like the Sarahbrownridge site is still online

General Discussion / Christmas Banner
« on: Dec 4 - 2012 »
Just wondered is any other member getting the Christmas banner or not when they load the forum up. Mine is working in Mozilla Firefox, but not when loaded through Google Chrome. Seems ok with Internet Explorer as well.

Answers on a post card.

General Discussion / Redundancies At The Brewery
« on: Nov 7 - 2012 »
Heard a rumour that some of the office staff are facing redundancies. Is this a cost saving or just another excuse for Humphrey to cut costs in the current economic climate. From what I can gather some people at the brewery are already doing more than one job. Surely he can't keep cutting costs. There is no transport manager at the moment, Oliver is still muddling on with it. Don't think that there is a head brewery either currently or nearly retired.

The dray lads are getting laid off as well, as the trade team seem to getting more and more work.

General Discussion / Draught Pear Or Berry Cider
« on: Nov 7 - 2012 »
Looks like SS were trying to extend it's cider range, but by the wording on the memo. They are probably not doing it now.

"Unfortunately we are not going to be able to achieve this. The pear juice and essence would add a cost of 60p per pint and ( as others may have found) it would be so sweet it would cause line and keg problems.

Our existing cider is very good as the enclosed independant judgement in the USA "

Here is the enclosed website address.

Anyone else heard about this or would like to see a differnet cider in the SS pubs ?

It appears that several SS pubs are changing the menu to take in steaks and mixed grills. Also some new fish and burger dishes.

8oz Steak ?8.95
Sirloin steak ?11.95
Mixed Grill ?12.95 and a fried egg for an extra 60p add sauce for ?1.15 (Blue Cheese, Four peppercorn or caramelised onion & red lion) very nice  :D

Gammon ?7.95
Hunter's Chicken ?7.95

Also hand battered fish in two sizes. Large ?7.95, Medium ?6.50
Grilled Atlantic Cod topped with tomato and basil sauce ?7.50

Starters :

Tempura King Prawns ?4.25
Crispy breaded mushrooms ?3.50
Fish Goujon's ?4.25
Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes ?4.25
Chicken Wings ?3.95
Sharing Platter ?6.95 (very nice)  ;D

A new selection of burgers as well.

It appears that only about 11 pubs are doing the new menu. The ones that I know are doing it are the Harewood Arms Hotel, Harewood, Dyneley Arms Pool & Radcliffe at Folifoot. Others mentioned are the Royal Oak Ulley, Whipping Stocks Chester & widow Cullens Well Lincoln. London has 2 as well assume  George & Vulcan, Captain Kidd & Eagle Tavern Maide Vale

Anyone else tried the new menu. Mine was ok.

New starters as well.

Just wonder if the staff at SSOB would benefit from the brewery paying into the employees funds. As the managers one seems to be very generous, to the long term managers. I am not sure how many new managers are joining the scheme, due to the 11 month contracts that he uses at the moment. Also as the scheme is been rolled out over the next 6 years, wonder where the number of employees fits with SSOB. They had over a thousand in the early 80's. Think it may have shrunk considerably now.

General Discussion / Is Your Local SS Pub Open
« on: Sep 26 - 2012 »
With so much flooding around the Yorkshire area, I thought I would pose the question of whether or not your SS pub was open.

Obviously the King's Arms is shut, so are the Bay Horse & Britannia in Tadcaster shut also. I think that the Swordsman at Stamford Bridge is open, which is a surprise to me.  :HJH

My local is open.  :EX

General Discussion / Video Of Tadcaster Flood
« on: Sep 26 - 2012 »
Here's an interesting video of the floods in Tadcaster.

Here's York

Here's another SS pub that appears to have another web site. Not as comprehensive as the other, but a basic web site to try and attract new custom.

Is SSOB slowly, but surely moving from the 18th century to the modern 21st century.  :()

General Discussion / To Young Or Not
« on: Sep 21 - 2012 »
Here is an interesting article in the York Press today about a young couple taking over the running of a pub in York. Just wondered if member felt that they are to young, or does it not matter about age. Just that as long as they are trained well and can do the job then that is ok. One is going back to University, so is this a good thing or not ? Not sure whether this would please Humphrey Smith, if they were employed by SSOB.

General Discussion / 2nd SS Pub Goes metered
« on: Sep 18 - 2012 »
Apparently a second SS pub has now gone metered, this seems to be a growing trend. Not good news for cask ale drinkers.  :HJH

Not sure of the reasons, but probably a long term manager that has not been hitting the 5% surplus requirement.

Anyone else heard anything on this front.

General Discussion / How Many
« on: Sep 10 - 2012 »
I often get asked how many SS pubs that I have been to and thought it might be interesting to see how many members have visited. Obviously we all know some members have been to nearly all of them whilst others might have only been to a few.

We all know one member that has nearly completed the task. I am struggling  :WF

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