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General Discussion / Anyone Beat This
« on: Sep 9 - 2012 »
I recently visited the High Royds Social Club with a friend and found SS Alpine 2.8% for sale. Asked about the price and was told it was ?1.25 a pint  :EX

I was surprised as this is 40p cheaper than most northern SS pubs.

Anyone else found it at freetrade at the same price

General Discussion / New Jobs At Sarahbrownridge
« on: Aug 25 - 2012 »
It appears that Sarahbrownridge might be expanding with a few jobs. So I take it that somebody msut be buying the food and their services. Because I have not seen many meals sold in some SS pubs.

Heard that any SS pub that is normally shut on the bank holiday Monday, should be open even if it's the manager's day off. This is even if there is not enough staff hours available for this or not. So are any managers going to open up either all day or part of the day.

Some pubs are already open banlk holidays and so not effected. Others might struggle to open. A memo I think was out last weekend about this. Humphrey has insisted that all pubs should open.  :WF

General Discussion / Long Term Manager Leaving
« on: Aug 21 - 2012 »
Heard the other day that a long standing manager has finally had enough and leaves the company soon. He has done 18 years with SSOB, must be one of the longest serving managers around the country. Just shows how some manager have got fed up of the regime and decided to jack the job in.

General Discussion / R & M Gaskarth v Campbell
« on: Jul 12 - 2012 »
Just come across this interesting article relating to an industrial tribunal against the brewery. With some interesting quotes and information about the demands that the brewery is putting on managers. How can some of these managers be expected to increase the takings by that much. Obviously we all know that pubs are not as busy as they were, but surely any reasonable takings are better than non.

This pressure also left the manager off sick and when he came back more pressure was applied. When will Humphrey learn that pressure is not the best way of getting the most out of managers. Or putting unrealistic takings pressure on managers.

Then Humphrey says that the wrong person was running the pub and should not be running the pub. How can he say this, with the current intake of new managers. This does not apply to all the new managers by the way. Is it his fault that his wife left or his, due to the pressure.

At least the manager has received some compensation, but not much.

"Mr Smith relied heavily on the turnaround as vindication of his view of the Claimant's poor ability to run a public house. It is trite law that we must consider the decision on the information which was available at the time of the dismissal, and not on information which has subsequently come to light. Nevertheless, we are mindful of the fact that Mr Smith has spent his life working in the brewery and pub business and his evaluation of what would and would not make a manager of adequate skills might rest upon a degree of intuition borne out of years of experience. So we have considered his suggestion that what has happened since proves his judgment to be well founded."

Humphrey Smith has worked for the brewery for 45 odd years becasue his family have owned it since 1847 and so passed down. What other brewery would employ Humphrey Smith as the Chairman or MD, not many I would have thought.

Heres the link for the whole thing and it's a pretty long read.

General Discussion / Euro 2012 Helps Pub Group
« on: Jul 11 - 2012 »
Looks like one pub group has done well out of the European football competition. I wonder how well SS has done over the same period of time. My local at times has been very quiet over the football period.

General Discussion / Review of A SS Pub
« on: Jul 11 - 2012 »
I was in a particular SS pub and was shocked by what I saw and heard. Loud music was blaring out and customers dancing away, obviously had a long session. The bar staff were friendly enough, but didn't seem to care about you after you got your pint. He wasn't dressed in his shirt. Tracksuit bottoms and t shirt. Many pubs now have staff in their ss shirt or polo. The pint I had was ok and thought that as a stranger the music might go, it didn't. Then the bar man started eating crisps, and still serving customers.  :E20

There were at least two customers drinking non SS wine, a red and also a rose. They both seemed rather fresh when I was there in mid afternoon. The muisc stopped and I thought thats that. But no, a few minutes later more music was played. Not sure where the manager was, may be his day off.

I stayed for a couple more pints and was shocked that the situation carried on. I wonder what would have happened if Humphrey had walked in that afternoon.  :()

I am not going to name the pub or location, as not sure I should.

The music was ok, but not to my taste really.

General Discussion / SS Pensioner's Day Out
« on: Jun 15 - 2012 »
The other week SS had a pensioner's day out to Bridlington, interesting choice as there are no SS pubs there. So no SS beer for them for the afternoon. On the way home they stopped off at the Malt Shovel Oswaldkirk for a beer and a meal, only to find the pub shut. So much for the organising skills of who ever organised it. They ended up stopping at the Swordsman for a meal and a drink. So at least they got there meal and a pint of SS.

No wonder the brewery is not running like clock work, if they can't even arrange a trip out for the pensioners of SS. I suspect that it was only people that worked at the brewery and not ex managers. As many of them are not fond of Humphrey. Don't think many of the ex managers would attend any way.

General Discussion / Organic Fruit Beer
« on: May 23 - 2012 »
It appears that SS pubs are going to start selling the Strawberry & apricot fruit beers. Which are going to be organic. The Apricot one will be cloudy according to the memo. Not available till June I think

Don't think that the raspberry one is coming

Anyone else heard the same.

New memo has come out from Linda Stuart stating that the brewery has been approached by several producers and students wanting to film externally and internally in SS pubs. The brewery has seemingly got fed up of refusing them access. So the managers have been told to say no and not to get the brewery involved.

So photography is this still allowed ? 

General Discussion / Smoking Outside Your SS Pub
« on: May 20 - 2012 »
Has anyone else noticed a new sign on the external doors of the pubs over the weekend. According to the memo customers are suppose to stand outside of the doorways ( 18 metres apparently) how is this going to be inforced. In two of my local SS pubs, this would be outside the car parks. This applies to customers, staff & managers.


General Discussion / Lastest Managers
« on: May 16 - 2012 »
The lastest batch of managers are at the Buckles this week and there are four couples. One set are at Windmill at Pontefact, Alpine at Rochdale, Brierly Village Club and the other coupel were deciding where to go. But thought it might be another Windmill one.

General Discussion / New Organic PB
« on: May 16 - 2012 »
Heard a rumour that the Pure Brewed lager is changing to an organic one. Anyone else heard about this rumour. Apparently out at the end of the month.

Over the last few months there have been nearly 20 managers for the first quarter of the year. It appears that the next training course next week is only going to have 10 people on it. Not sure whether they are single or couples. Shall try and get more details when I can.

But still seem to see new faces at many SS pubs.

General Discussion / Equestrian Centre To Open
« on: May 10 - 2012 »
It appears that the equestrian centre that Humphrey had objected to many years ago, has now opened. Seems that even Humphrey Smith's chest has limits, and can only object for so long. I just wonder who he is going to pick on now that he has lost this case.

Good luck to them.


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