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General Discussion / Pure Brew Not Good
« on: Feb 27 - 2012 »
Anyone else had a problem with Pure Brew over the weekend or this week ? As in two SS pubs over the weekend they have stopped serving it due to it been cloudy and not tasting nice. One manager said it might be a faulty batch and rang the brewery.

This is good outcome I think and should stop Murdoch monopolising the tv football games. But won't apply to SS pub as there are no televisons  :HD

A manager that has just been with the company 6 months has resigned and given a weeks notice. When they first applied they were keen to do the food and comply with Humphrey's other orders. After several months they got no where with the brewery despite many phone calls. They were only allowed 30 staff hours, which barely covered there day off.

This was to reinstall the kitchen and other minor material things eg curtains. When they phoned up to resign, they were offered more staff hours and told that the kitchen would be sorted. They said thanks, but to late. They luckily have another job to go to.

Wonder who the next manager will be  :WF

Now that Oliver Smith is in-charge of transport things have gone from bad to worse. With at least 7 draymen off at the moment and many more not happy with changes to their contracts. They start work at 6 and now somedays don't finish till nearly 6pm. A long day. To cut corners and get the beer delivered they are sending two wagons and dropping one drop off and then stopping the other wagon and dropping somewhere else and picking up the other wagon later. All to do with the techie graphs. They can only drive for so many hours a day. Now a group of dray men have contacted a solicitor and informed the Health & Safety Executive as well. Another set of people that work at the brewery and are not happy working under the pressure of the Smith regime.

I know the old system of doing a single drop and then a double drop have disappeared. Now the dray have to do two double drops to keep up with the deliveries. Yet other times the dray men take a half empty wagon to the lakes to drop off say 6 firkins. Where is the logic here.

Anyone else heard anything about this.

General Discussion / Post Mix Going
« on: Feb 15 - 2012 »
Seems Humphrey is not cutting the expense of draught post mix and getting all the cola, diet cola, lemonade and soda in bottles. So no more shandy's made up ( except in bottles) or lemonade tops. Humphrey is now selling bottled lemonade and soda from a company called Hartridges in Portsmouth. Not sure why Scintilla can not make lemonade in bottles or soda. As everthing else is made by a SS subsidiary company, why outsoruce these It seems to be an old brewing family the same as SSOB. This is the new soda.


A strange business decision, as white wine and soda and also for mrs Ian's lime & soda.

I was wondering if one particular resident of Tadcaster would sponsor or put his hand in his pocket to celebrate the Queens diamond jubilee. Or even join in with the celebrations.

General Discussion / Security At The Brewery
« on: Feb 8 - 2012 »
On several occasions Humphrey has left the brewery at 11.45 and subsequently checked the Angel & Whitehorse pub to see that everyone has left and that the managers are locking up. The pub was safely locked up and Humphrey was rattling on the door to check that it was securely locked and bolted up. Has Humphrey not got better things to be doing at that time of the day than check the security of the pub. Not the brewery. The man is going crackers with all the responsibilities he has. The bar staff that were locking up saw Humphrey and said hello Mr Smith and he turned his back and Humphrey was gone in a flash. Probably back to the brewery.

I know he often leaves the brewery late but, he is starting to drive himself round the bend.

General Discussion / Food Sales Slow In January
« on: Feb 8 - 2012 »
Heard a while ago that food sales at some of the SS pubs that normally do well on food sales didn't do well in the first month of the year. Apparently Linda Stuart phoned around 10 up to ask why they not sold any food for 10 days, and this was for about 10-15 SS pubs. Does she not know that there is a recession on and the first month of the year is probably always going to be slow.

Probably under the pressure of Humphrey to see why his pubs are not taking enough money.

At one time the Smith familys of Tadcaster were respected and invested into the town. Look how aristocratic they look, compared with the 21st century owner of the Samuel Smith Old Brewery. I know it's William Smith who built the John Smith's brewery. But they are still related.

May be Humphrey should take some lessons in dress code and spending his money in the town he is slowly destroying.

Sorry the picture is added as a link, but the pictures wouldn't upload.

One SS pub that i visited recently now has electric measured pints in over sized glasses. So the hand pulled OBB has gone, such a shame. The number of complaints the first night was so high the manager nearly decided to shut the pub. So now the staff jsut have to flick a switch once for a half adn twice for a pint. This is going back to the 70's  :o, i know Humphrey lives in the 19th century, but this is a throwback.

All because the poor managers are not making the requried surplus. So now you get a measured pint and the cellar and the till readings should match. Apparently one other SS pub is going this route as well. It has cost Humphrey over 4k to just install the system. Minus the cellar services guys to install it and of course the new oversized glasses.

There were panic stations at the Brewery the other day when a brewery worker enter the Angel & Whitehorse and said that the chimney was on fire. The manager quickly ran the brewery and was told just to phone the fire brigade. This they did and the fire officers arrived, and took a look. The sparks and flames out the top of the chimney were pretty impressive. Told not to leave the building, it was OK to stay. The fire officers took well over an hour to get the fire out of control, and had to enter the offices to see if any sparks had caught (in the Audit or creative accounting office). Next person to enter the pub was Linda Stuart concerned about the type of logs that were been used on the fire, were they too sappy. She later disappeared and was happy with the explanation.

Apparently the fire has been relined recently and also swept twice in the last few months. Even the architect from the brewery was in the pub looking at the fire and talking to the firemen about why it had caught fire. The manager thought that it might have been the wood, but was told by the fire service that it was the coal that was used. Your not suppose to use normal coal on a fan assisted fire place. Guess who is to blame (Humphrey), buying cheap coal that is the wrong type for the fire. Humphrey was trying to save a small amount of money on coal, but could have burnt down his brewing empire with it. Good luck saving money in the new Year.

On my next visit neither of the fires were been used, so they are not been used till after the refurbishment.

PS Humphrey please buy some more coal, as it might get cold  :P

Was in a SSOB pub the other day and the member of staff that i thought was the manager was just bar staff. They were thinking about taking on a pub for the brewery, I asked a few questions and they seemed happy with the brewery. Had there application form to send back to the brewery. I didn't want to press to hard the matter about Humphrey's policy's, as the manager was around at the time. Incidentally they had not heard about this website, may be unlucky for them. From what I could gather the manager had not been there long either.

General Discussion / Managers Long Service Reward
« on: Dec 21 - 2011 »
How many managers do we know that are receiving their long service rewards at Christmas time ?  :P

The longer the manager serves the bigger the reward, except where the manager has had a gap in service. Soon Humphrey won't have to pay out any money, as there won't be any long serving managers.

General Discussion / Falcon to Shut
« on: Dec 21 - 2011 »
Heard a mixed rumour that the Falcon at Tadcaster was shutting by the end of the year. Apparently it's going to be flattened and cottages built on the site, not sure whether that is cost effective really. Or is it just going to be boarded up and not used for another decade or two. Not sure where the managers are going to. Also heard that Humphrey has not made his mind up about and was thinking about it. Not sure that there is much to think about, a pub that is always empty. But has started selling Alpine

A lot of money to buy a building a year ago to demolish it

Answers on a postcard please  :P

It seems that the Marstons pub chain are trying to open more pubs around the country. Which could be a good thing for real ale drinkers. Also a good thing for the job market, with mroe jobs been made available.

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