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General Discussion / Re: Locked Car Parks
« Last post by HARROGATE BILL on Feb 24 - 2018 »
Not as far North - The Burns in Darlington.

Perhaps he is having an issue in the North East.
Ex Samuel Smiths Employees Section / Re: Industrial Tribunal
« Last post by sovsuppa on Feb 24 - 2018 »
The very best of luck with that one. ::)
Ex Samuel Smiths Employees Section / Industrial Tribunal
« Last post by HORSE LORD on Feb 24 - 2018 »
Hi guys.
 I'm a Ex manager who has registered my intent to take the company to tribunal. I'm claiming grounds of UNFAIR dismissal ( Before TWO yrs service) due to Discrimination,( both direct and indirect) Harassment , company failure to follow health and safety procedures. wrongful dismissal due to breach of contract.   the company are claiming "CONTRACT, CONTRACT, CONTRACT" AS THEY DO!.
        However, the contract does not take away statutory employment rights, and my case is based on those.
Should this go to tribunal, I'm going full steam ahead on the antiquated clause of the company reserving their " Right" to dismiss both managers. The whole thing is discriminatory against a individual. This clause, although not unlawful ( I bet they love that)  CAN NOT be lawfully enforced, if its proved its in direct contravention of a statutory right.( IE; not to be discriminated against, forced to work under stress every day because of the company policy of " Joint dismissal" and fear of losing ones job, because your other manager is a alcoholic Dick,  Harassed by MR" Ya fantastic" ( sorry, couldn't resist) riding round on his bike checking up at the first whiff of trouble, and by other new Managers, basking in the afterglow of being the new " Golden Balls" of the newly refurbed SS pub ( OH Bless them!!) They will learn......

   BASICALLY, I'm eager to hear if ANYONE has dared to go where no one has gone before,( Mr. Smiths head) and lived to tell the tale. While I appreciate no one is ever going to be sitting on a beach earning 20% on this company, did anyone ever win? Settle out of court? Get paid?? Get the bond back? ( PLEASE, STOP HYSTERICALLY LAUGHING!!) please feel free to email me direct. Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Locked Car Parks
« Last post by discjockey on Feb 22 - 2018 »
And which pub might that be  --  The Three Tuns, Birtley?
General Discussion / Locked Car Parks
« Last post by HARROGATE BILL on Feb 22 - 2018 »
From an associate in the North East, I hear that their pub car park is now locked between the hours of 23.30 and 11.00 in the morning each and every day.
Whatever happened to having a couple more, when the conversation is good, and leaving the car until the next morning?
HAVE YOUR SAY - Send a message to the Smiths / Re: pubs closed
« Last post by djgary on Feb 21 - 2018 »
Was In the Jolly Miller In Harpurhey a couple of weeks back and couldn't help but notice a leaking roof the pub needs an upgrade... Major upgrade

OB wasn't on form either must have been my palette coz its usually OK
New managers in, seem to be doing OK. Seem like nice folk too. Kitchen now open again.

Hopefully onwards and upwards, I wish them well.
General Discussion / Brown Bear, Sheffield
« Last post by Denjul on Feb 16 - 2018 »
Just heard the Brown Bear is closed for the next 4 weeks, anybody know why.?
General Discussion / The Doo'Cot Edinburgh
« Last post by Auld Reekie on Feb 15 - 2018 »
Once again we have a closed pub,so frustrating,i wish we could get someone who knows what there doing,So far it's been a couple of weeks and counting.
Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Oustons Bar, Bridlington
« Last post by yorkie on Feb 13 - 2018 »
I think you are being a bit unfair on the Lord Feoffes here. I knew nothing about the body but Google shows it is a registered charity which spends its rental income on "good works" in Bridlington.

If anyone is interested there are several articles available online which may give a more balanced view.
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