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Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Oustons Bar, Bridlington
« Last post by Alpine4.5%fan on Feb 12 - 2018 »
PS The modern photo shows Burtons Menswear on a corner, the original oustons entrance is to the right of Burtons, now the site of 3 Store, and the other pub entrance/exit is 4 properties  up from Burtons on the modern photo.
Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Oustons Bar, Bridlington
« Last post by Alpine4.5%fan on Feb 12 - 2018 »
So pleased you found history of this once iconic pub in Bridlington, the 1st port of call for the many thousands of day trippers from west yorkshire who arrived in the town on a saturday or sunday. I as a 14 year old in 1977 after finishing working on one of Brid's 3 pleasure boats(Bridlington Queen, Yorkshire Belle, Flamborian(originally Boys Own), walked past this venue on an afternoon/evening, the volume of chatter, singing, and the genuine feel that everyone was enjoying their day is still very vivid.
Unfortunately, the premises was owned(and still is today) by an organisation called "The Lord Feoffes" (pronounced feefees ) a group of local business men/women who got together to purchase nearly every property in the town centre. HRW Smith after numerous years paying a rent/lease, approached this group with the intention to purchase this property, however ,through greed and power, they refused HRW Smith his wish, so understandably, told this group of people where to" stick their property". Hence the sad demise & disappearance of this once great pub. Hope this information is of interest & of value.
Another picture of the brewery with samuel smiths sign.
Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Golden Lion Selby
« Last post by bitterboy on Feb 4 - 2018 »
Great photo thanks for posting it.
Samuel Smiths - Ex Pubs / Re: Golden Lion Selby
« Last post by jboycott on Feb 1 - 2018 »
Photo courtesy of John Riley of The Golden Lion in Sam's livery. Lovely isn't it, and sadly missed
I think Humphrey has to look no further than the Ebor to see the potential growth in his chain.
I have worked for Samuel Smiths on a couple of occasions. When I first joined in 1992 it was a brilliant company to work for. They had an excellent range of proprietory spirits, wines, mixers and snacks supplemented with the excellent range of company brewed products.
It was around this time that Mr H Smith adopted a policy of price freezing, often absorbing duty increases aswell, with the belief that it would generate extra trade. A brave idea.
There was at the time, a board of directors, but their decisions were often overuled by Mr Smith. The point of the board was...?????????
Mr Smith never seemed to grasp why other pubs were always busier than his. Was it because they were offering the customer what they wanted and were prepared to pay for it ??
My wife and I used to run the Falcon in Chester and were the most succesful Managers of it for Sam Smiths.
We left to run a pub/restaurant and travel lodge, also in Chester and what we considered a promotional move.
After 4 years we were approached by our ex area manager and long term friend regarding a vacancy he had at The Bird in Hand in Mobberley. This was at the time when Greenalls was on a downward spiral and the Bird was a pub we knew well, so we rejoined Sam's.
Unfortunately about this time, Mr Smith decided to start replacing the branded products with his own range. We were not at the Bird very long when a vacancy back at the Falcon came up. We still thought we could do a good job and moved back. Operationally this became very difficult as customers and friends were starting to leave as their drinks selection was being taken away from them. We endured this scenario for nearly four years but eventually decided to leave as we felt we no longer could maintain or attract new trade due to Mr Smith's policies.
Personally, I believe this company is capable of so much, but because of the on-going business model it will continue to deliver less and less. Come on Mr Smith, for once accept that your policy is not working, give the customer what they want and increase your trade and profits. Surely it cannot be that simple.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: sam smiths pub finder map
« Last post by djgary on Jan 29 - 2018 »
Is the Jolly Miller, Fernclough road, Harpurhey Manchester M9 5TU on the map?

Been in a few times decent enough pint. Infact we'll be going in on Friday for a birthday drink (other half not mine)

We're just hoping Humphrey doesn't close it again we want a regular to stay open ...
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: sam smiths pub finder map
« Last post by Alpinewanderer on Jan 28 - 2018 »
This is great thankyou. Did not know there were so many near me.
A Customers Viewpoint / Re: Another one bites the dust
« Last post by Alpinewanderer on Jan 28 - 2018 »
One of the staff at the burns has taken on the relief management with a view to making it permanent.  So I have been lead to believe
 The staff haven't really said anything about it and have just got on with it. Although they did close it while the did a stock take on the morning the couple were found to be not coming back but it hasn't been since and I hope it doesn't! 
As for the glittering star which is the other pub it has been closed ages. Doesn't look good as looks like door has been kicked in at some point too,  boards up covering the hole(?)!
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