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General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by Melanie Starkey on Dec 27 - 2017 »
The only SS pub I have seen advertising a closure after midnight on New Years Eve around York is The Ebor at Bishopthorpe.  This may be because Gordon is not a manager so has control over what time he closes the pub.  Had a great meal in there on Boxing Day.  The pub was very busy with a mix of regulars and people eating.  Wish every SS pub could be run like this.
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by east coast beer drinker on Dec 27 - 2017 »
For the first time in years we won't be giving H our money. Double fare each way for a taxi, to be thrown out at half 10. I'll go elsewhere thanks.
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by djgary on Dec 27 - 2017 »
Been a long time since I had a pint in The Berkeley Hotel (Xmas 1990 last time I was in there) its not one of the SAM's houses in Scunthorpe I've got to much, I mainly drank in Open Hearth, Highfield House if was going out for a pint or 2 of OBB

Strange for the Public bar not to be open until later in the day maybe it wasn't getting much use? Or it could just be Humphrey being Humphrey   ::T::
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by Dafman on Dec 26 - 2017 »
The Berkeley Hotel closes at 10-30pm New Years Eve the public bar was closed Christmas Day lunchtime and doesn't open Mon-Thurs until 5pm, Fri-Sat-6pm, Sun 4pm. The New Years Eve will probably be Humph's decision not sure about public bar opening times anybody else experienced these draconian measures? Customer Care comes to mind.  :-X
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by djgary on Dec 26 - 2017 »
Was in our local Sam Smiths house for a couple on Saturday couldn't help but notice the poster advertising opening times over the festive period.

It does indeed say 10.30pm on NYE so I presume its the same for all pubs under Mr Smiths watchful eye.
Your news.. / Re: Rockingham Arms Closure
« Last post by BOATMAN on Dec 24 - 2017 »
It wasn't to do with the no swearing policy, Landlord done a midnight flit and by the looks of it he'd been planning it for a while.

For The Record you are wrong on Both Accounts !! + info received from  Horses Mouth  :()
He just doesn't learn does he!
In his mind it's better to shut a pub and have no turnover than to give a few staff hours to keep the place open and sell some beer. Mindblowingly dumb if you ask me.
Sorry - now closed again. Business built up very well with Adrian and Dot at the helm to the point where more staff were needed - Humpf wouldn't fund so they left. Temporary managers stayed only a couple of days (apparently gave it up after a vitriolic visit by Big H) so one of their most recently refurb'ed and developing houses now lies shut again.
General Discussion / Re: Site Problems?
« Last post by Supergirl on Dec 20 - 2017 »
Thanks for the info.

The front news page should be okay now - fingers crossed!

Happy Holidays!  :-*
General Discussion / Re: Site Problems?
« Last post by boringoldcodger on Dec 20 - 2017 »
Recently when I've hit the "NEWS" button on the homepage then I've got an error screen containing (amongst other things) "HTTP ERROR 500". But when I've typed URL of then I've received an outdated page (latest entry 8th Dec ?).

I do realise that this site runs on people's goodwill, so purlease, purlease don't do anything during the holiday period and, most definitely, NO burning of the midnight oil.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to one and all.
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