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Your news.. / Re: new pumps?
« Last post by owld boozer on Dec 19 - 2017 »
Sorry but I tried to post photos but could not .will try again
Your news.. / new pumps?
« Last post by owld boozer on Dec 19 - 2017 »
I called into my local working men,s club tonight and found this new pump on the bar, has anyone come across them before?After asking the club steward it seems Humphrey will not put them into his own premises but will put them into "other outlets" My apologies for quality of photos.
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by Tadcaster resident on Dec 18 - 2017 »
I thought all the Sams licences were the same which allowed 12 midnight on NYE. Our local has a notice up saying closing on NYE is 10.30pm. Confusion or what >:(
I agree with both of you.

The decor needs doing up (look at the dust on the curtains !).

I stopped going in regularly because of the sulky landlords daughter (who is very rude), and because I was sick to death of the foul language. I meet a mate every Saturday lunchtime and we usually go to the Brig. One day he asked me "don't they have a non-swearing policy in here?". He was being sarcastic  of course, and the worst thing was, that the foul language came from some old woman in here seventies!
Several other Saturday lunchtime drinkers are the same. Effing this and effing that, and nothing is done about it. It is particularly bad with people who are stood at the bar,  so the landlady knows it is happening and does nothing about it.
What is also galling is the amount of young children (I assume less than 5 years old) who are allowed in the pub. I was in at the weekend and there must have been at least 3 pushchairs clogging up the place.
Rant over !
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by barfly on Dec 18 - 2017 »
the brewery are now asking the managers to check the premise licence,some pubs will have an extension allowed for in the conditions  on the premise licence. these pubs will be allowed to open untill 1200 by the brewery.they will still have to close at 10.30 on christmas eve.
Know what you mean about the swearing because I have heard many a choice word used in here before.  Thatís why we make the Agar Arms our local, warm, friendly local with great managers.  Itís a shame as itís handy stopover after I have dragged my beloved round town shopping.
No swearing in the Brigadier? I'd be interested to know when you went in, because, I can assure you, the language is disgraceful.

The sign has been taken down, presumably because nobody was taking any notice of it.

The landlord is one of the worst culprits, along with a guy who works for the post office called Tony. When he was first shown the notice when it first arrived, he told the landlord, and everyone else in the pub because he is rather loud, that "I'm not f***ing stopping swearing, I'll f***ing swear if I want, and that c*** won't stop me."

As regards car parking, it is well known that successive landlords have a fiddle on charging people to use the car park when they are at work.

You must have gone in mid-afternoon during the week when there are very few people in.
Your news.. / Rockingham Arms Corby Closed
« Last post by Smithonian on Dec 18 - 2017 »
Boards have been put on this morning, no further info as of yet.
With a few exceptions in London I'm sure the brewery owns their pubs.

Club trade is very important - where we both live there are very few that don't sell at least one Sams beer.
The local club sells both Sovereign and Old Brewery Bitter on keg at £2.40 a pint but John Smiths is £2.90 so I wonder if SS annoy other brewery's  who also supply to the club trade ?.

I'd hope they do. Far better beer,  and cheaper. What's not to like?!

That be ideal if all the Social clubs, sports clubs stocked SS and would bring a new era and lease of life to the clubs.
General Discussion / Re: New Years Eve
« Last post by djgary on Dec 18 - 2017 »
Must be true if the Scunthorpe telegraph has ran with the story even if it is just a few lines

Its actually not that long ago i was in The Open Hearth after 12 on New years eve/day.. I can't see why Humph can't try and get an extension or is he having a another Scrooge Xmas and New year?
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