Author Topic: Potential meeting for former managers/staff inc unions to finally stop this!  (Read 1380 times)  Share 

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Just throwing this out there to see what interest it generates and what feedback comes from it.

I read endless complaints on here, all seem to further cement my own beliefs about Sam Smiths but even more so HS!

This topic has been posted to find out if between us all, could we not organise a mass meeting with everybody who has being mistreated or in the usual case being sh*t on from a great height.

It could just be wishful thinking that it would resolve peoples situations but in my opinion its a direction people need to be travelling in, should it materialise to nothing it could generate media interest but above all it will ensure everybody who is or has gone through this that they're not alone and not in the situation because of being incapable to do the job but because of one mans deluded and unrealistic vision for his company, a vision that many times contradicts british law..

Anyone interested in this, or any Union Reps who would like to be involved please get intouch, any advice on this would also be very much appreciated.

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The GMB represented several managers in unfair dismissal tribunals a few years ago but HS has a habit of settling on the court steps so the details rarely get exposed.  That said, what do you think a meeting would achieve?  Anyone who has a legitimate claim against the company presumably takes their cases to a tribunal anyway. A meeting would probably involve a handful of people turning up to have a moan - which can be easily done on this forum and, being devil's advocate, and bearing in mind I don't think much of HS's management skills, there are still an awful lot of managers who are just getting on with their jobs and pubs that are doing alright.  I think the only real answer is to vote with your feet if the company isn't going the way you want it to because changes are unlikely to happen any time soon.

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Your contract of employment is the "bible" as far as your job goes. If he has not kept within it and law for employers then he should be answerable. Likewise, if the employee doesn't work to his obligations within the contract then they are open to disciplinary action. The contract will have various sales target things in it (5% surplus and wet sales increase annually perhaps) and I think that some folk sign without reading or understanding them. Thus at review time later the balloon goes up!