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Please be careful that you don't give away enough information for SS to identify you unless you want them to.

I'm just concerned that if you read the postings from some you can get an idea of whether they are managers or not and the area that they are in - then add in snippets that they have said.  If SS are reading these then they also have additional information that may make it possible to actually identify people.

We all know that Humph is very crafty, he does have information that you'd never think he would need and will use it against people and this also enables him to possibly work out who is who.  SS are also known to use anonymous and incorrect information against people.

Just worried that Humph will use this information and retaliate.   :o

Find ways to post things in a way that don't pinpoint who you are.  The last thing I want is to stop discussion and information sharing because this site does a great job.

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Re: Careful - don't give away your identity!
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Good advice.