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Cramond inn at it again
« on: Dec 31 - 2014 »
So just turned up for a few New Years pints at the cramond inn to be told they were closing at 6pm. The company dictates they are open til 12 at new year but they were closing at ten then decided last minute to close at 6.
I then noticed the board for opening and closing times which is a joke. The kitchen is barely open and the new managers openly tell punters they hate the pub and don't want to be there. The pub is now so quiet and Humphrey has killed it and these new managers are just putting the final nail in the coffin. I have attached a pic of the opening times. The kitchen is supposed to be open 12 til 9 every day. Bring back Chris and Kerera.

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Re: Cramond inn at it again
« Reply #1 on: Jan 2 - 2015 »
It's sad what has happened to this pub it was always full of life and a very friendly place to go,then it all went wrong.Not been in since the previous management team left a few weeks ago,they were excellent.The prices killed it for me,i now go to the Doo'cot cheaper.All that needs done is drop the prices to the same as the Doo'cot and the place will get back on it's feet,with a little help from a management team that want to do a decent job and be there.