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« Reply #45 on: May 25 - 2012 »
                  The customer pays for a pint and should get a pint , if he chooses to not have a top up fine, what tha tramp wants is not to give the option to the customer . yes managers have ripped the brewery off. but he is forcing every manager to rip off the customer or face the sack.ive got a letter on one of the kangaroo disapline`s where i was asked to give 10% head and when the head drops humf gets what he wants...i wont mention the ponses name but he works on maintenance.....doing disaplins..he tried to change his wording by sending me another letter which is in the file..guess what i got no visit off humf for over 2 years until the october before what happened on new years eve.humf you are in the same bracket as the managers who got away with ripping you off..a thief.
ive had permission off the brewery who i work for now to go back to the sunday mirror..but im in no rush cos ive got my family to think of and the papers do not leave you alone once you start..i had to move to a house eventually to escape them...but you wont get away with it you scruffy tramp im going to do it in my time .
any of you who think he is right then beware cos your day will wife always said ours will come but i refused to listen ..but it did
Im busy now and happy and all i want is dick turpin( humf) to take me to court if im wrong in what im saying..all he has to do is ask the 2 creeps at the junction where i am cos they know and they love grassing.
got to go im going out with family for a meal  ...a day off.. do any sams managers get one!so everybodys wrong humphrey, the maintainance man and the new couple are imformants seems spiderman as a problem with everyone maybe he would like to tell us the truth why he was sacked because i know