Author Topic: White Hart Ollerton - D.I.Y. Paint Job  (Read 921 times)  Share 

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White Hart Ollerton - D.I.Y. Paint Job
« on: Aug 28 - 2015 »
Well, the White Hart has had a nice lick of paint internally, started in the bar, finished in the Lounge, pleasant pastel colours in lounge, new 'drapes' in the windows. All done by the hard working manageress. So pigged off / frustrated with the state of the place, she set to a few weeks ago and painted the bar area. Humph allegedly said something along the lines of 'you're not really supposed to do that', but was fait accompli and she has done all of it now. She's done a good job. She paid for the first paint by all accounts , but has put the receipts in for the rest and the drapes / curtains. I think Humph realised that although he is the irresistible force, she is the immovable object. Or vice versa. Which, come to think of it, is more apposite. ;)