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Railway Inn - Spofforth
« on: Mar 5 - 2016 »

Absolutely appalled at the behaviour in my local Samuel smiths pub I have been visiting for the past far few years. I have lived in this village for 22 years and have been visiting this pub for a lot of these. 

After a regular visit the pub on a weekly occasion I came into the pub Wednesday 24th February after collecting a takeout from wetherby, via our way home we called into our.. well what we called 'local' to have a glass of wine or two.

So the next day came I think prior to this the night before we spent a total of  30 on alcohol. The next day after finishing we, I travelled back to the pub with my little girl and other half to re pay 7 that we owed.. i wish I never did.

I was resorted to tears and made to feel like something so little, I had been accused of something I had never done. The landlady named christine came out to my car tapped on my window and accused me of taking a drug named amphetamine.

I had not taken any drug, I had my child in the car and burst into tears out of devastation that I could be accused of something like that. Christine told me that I was more then welcome to come back in the pub but I wouldn't want to...

I'm a buisness owner myself and I would never ever accuse someone of doing something so severe and disgusting without any rightful facts. I'm so disappointed in my local village pub and the obviously delightful managers for making me feel so hurt! Respect is obviously nothing to them this is my family they could ruin!

Sarah rowland

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