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Re: been sacked by the mad hatter HS
« Reply #30 on: Mar 25 - 2013 »
:=:  We have been given our marching orders despite all we have done for our pub and reaching our targets above the minimum requirement!!  He has no respect for the fact that when he gives people their marching orders its not just the job they are losing but their home as well!!  Thank goodness for the kindness of friends and family otherwise we would be on the street!!

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Your story is not unfamilar, many new managers have hit the targets or done better. Yet they still lose their jobs after 11 months. He dosen't seem to care about the new managers, just another employee (number) of the brewery. Humphrey doesn't care about peoples lifes, he just uses people. When you lose the job you also lose your home, and get turfed out after 11 months. Unfortunately he just doesn't care about people.

Some managers have tried to squat at his pubs, some more successful than others in this regard.
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