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Cost of Sams Bottles
« on: Jan 6 - 2017 »
Just to flag to people that most of main Sams bottles at Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop, Pilsley in Derbyshire are going for a very reasonable 2.75 (Nut Brown Ale, Pale Ale and others), and It's a little bit more - 2.99 for stuff like Taddy Porter.  I thought that was a pretty good price in an expensive 'exclusive' shop or maybe I've been down south too long!  :WF

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that its now MORE than 5.50 a bottle in Sams pubs in the City of London!! (I usually stick to OBB or Milds). I wasn't exactly sure how much I was charged for the bottle as I went into shock! as the Yorkshire Folk say: 'I can't thoil it'.