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A Visit To Tadcaster
« on: Feb 12 - 2017 »
It is almost a year since I last visited my home town of Taddy but being in the area I decided to have a look at the newly reopened bridge and have a wander for nostalgia. Oh boy what a depressing town it is turning out to be, when I think what it was and what it is now buildings I knew that years ago were functionable and residential are now just an ugly horrendous blot on the townscape - why the council haven't condemned and ordered them to be demolished for health reasons (if nowt else) god knows (before anybody says anything it is because they are in the HS portfolio). I noticed a pubs group have signs outside of what used to be The Queen's as I remember it, pub competition in the town HS won't like that. Final moan to witness the state of my parents old brewery cottage at the top of St Joseph's Street, still standing must be 30 years since it was boarded up what a sad depressing site.

Now the bridge, great to see all the national news coverage putting Taddy on the map for the right reasons, however, I noticed there is still a lot of work to be carried out before the project is completed - the sign outside of the town informing of the bridge closures overnight is this for further work to be carried on through the night?

Finally, apologises to the Tadcaster residents for me referring to the town as depressing, I am sure it isn't but from my point of view seeing it  as a visitor just saddens the heart - I will cheer up when I next visit - my local -  the Prince of Wales in North Shields for a pint of OBB this could be sooner rather than later.