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Sad state of affairs
« on: Apr 24 - 2017 »
This post is my own post copied and pasted from general discussion section. Just think it might get more attention in this section...............                                                               
 Don't believe that Humphrey has gone quiet. He is still displaying his 'dickensian' style of management and putting totally unreasonable targets and pressure on his staff. His actions ( which I believe,  in my opinion,  is verging on constructive dismissal tactics) has led to one of his best and longest serving managers ( who took his job very seriously and was proud of his position)  attempting to take his own life. He saw this as the only way to escape the constant pressure, thankfully the manager survived his ordeal due to being found in time and the speed and skill of the brilliant paramedics. I hope, although I doubt it, that this resonates through the brewery and Mr Smith realises it is real people's lives he is toying with. I sincerely hope that he can start showing some empathy and start to manage with a some degree of humanity so this kind of thing never happens again