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Market Hotel,Knaresborough
« on: May 26 - 2017 »
I found this picture a while ago and all it says is steam engine in town centre and that's it!.No idea where it is but there is clearly a SAMs pub in the background with the Taddy Ales sign.The shop is called Parvins but other than that no clue,any ideas?.
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Re: Unknown !
« Reply #1 on: May 26 - 2017 »
As soon as I saw the photo I thought it was Knaresborough. Quick look on Street View and the pub is the former Market Hotel, now Tavern.  The windows and brickwork on the buildings are all pretty much identical, especially the interlocking on the pub. This is the closest view on Street View that you can get. Parvins is the shop on the right, again with identical brickwork and windows.