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Young Sam and swearing
« on: Jul 7 - 2017 »
Been told a few days ago that Humphrey told young Sam to do the round of the pubs to see if anybody is swearing. The thinking behind it is that he is not that well known in the northern pubs.    If he does hear swearing his orders are the sack the staff and managers and close the pub.     I'll leave it up to you if you believe it, or whether it's the rumour mill working overtime. 

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Re: Young Sam and swearing
« Reply #1 on: Jul 8 - 2017 »
Lets hope he turns up in the Brigadier Gerard in York.

He will see a bone-idle, uninterested girl behind the bar, who is constantly on her mobile (so customers can't get served), doesn't collect any glasses, doesn't tidy up or clean up, and lets rip with swear words herself.

And she's only 18 !

The reason she hasn't been sacked? She's the landlord's daughter.