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« on: Jul 29 - 2017 »
Well, Ian, the manager of The Hop Pole has left, gone to The Burns Hotel, York. Melanie, his wife, is still at the Pole, having been prevailed upon by H to hang in until their replacement ( HaHa ) is forthcoming. Apparently H interviewed a gay couple who were up for it but he did not feel they were right for the place ( ! ? dodgy legally? ),  A woman on her own ( non-runner ), a couple with kids but H does not want couples with kids. ( dodgy legally again I should think ). No wonder he cannot find people to run his pubs, he must have 10% of the stock closed, if he is being so selective.
Melanie is here until the 21st. The manageress of The Burns had a big party and bogged off, stock 2k down, took all the staff with her to her new pub elsewhere in York, Ian running it single-handedly. They wanted to go to London, H was ok with it then blocked them from going as he did not want to lose them off 'his area'.  ?  As they are all his pubs what does it matter?
The couple in the latest Nottingham pub have gone to Stamford, apparently he was told that the pub would be burned with him and his missus in it. Allegedly due to trying to enforce no swearing ban.
The couple in The White Hart Mansfield are also on the move.
And of course we lost the Stanton couple, so it's musical chairs or run for the hills..........