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 I was saddened to find 'The Greyhounds', at Killinghall, North Yorkshire,shut on my last visit. The quality of managers at this establishment has been on a downward spiral since the extremely competent John and Carol were goaded into leaving some years ago.

Mr. Smith has recently spent millions  refurbishing The Blue Bell, now known as The Heversham Hotel, near Kendal. Since re-opening it has been very difficult to get a good meal here, or any food at all, because the chefs are employed on the minimum wage and keep walking out.  In fact the wage offered hardly pays for their travel costs in this very rural area.

Why will Mr.Smith not employ good quality staff and pay them realistic wages?  He should employ a Michelin starred chef, or someone of equivalent status and experience, and put them on a profit-sharing basis.  As it is, the huge car park at the wonderful Heversham Hotel remains almost empty and loyal customers such as myself are rapidly losing patience with the way this potentially excellent pub is being run.


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